Google and Microsoft search engines launch their chatbots


It seems that Google and Microsoft have agreed to both present the same novelty in the same week. A chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence for your search engines, both for Google and Bing. curious coincidence

Apple should get its act together on this issue. It is not acceptable that in the times we are in, Apple users have to continue using an external search engine like Google or Bing, since the company does not offer us its own web browser. And on top of that, they already have their chatbot and everything. What a fabric…

In principle, a news regarding Microsoft or Google would not make much sense on a page dedicated to Apple computers like ours. But if we take into account that all Mac users have to use the Google, Microsoft or any other search engine because Apple does not have its own, then the news does interest us.

And the novelty is none other than the premiere by Google and also by Microsoft of their corresponding chatbot for your search engines. A great conversational aid when searching for anything on the web. And curiously, the two chats are released this week.

Bard, your friend from Google

This week Google has presented in society to Bard, a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence that has been running for a few months now. Powered by Google’s Language Model for Dialog Applications (LaMDA), Bard is an experimental conversational AI service to help search for content on Google. Said conversational robot will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

Bing also already has its Chatbot

But Microsoft has not been left behind, and yesterday it also presented its corresponding Chatbot for its Bing web search engine to the sector media and to integrate it into its browser as well. edge. A conversational robot that Microsoft has developed with OpenAI technology and that will also be operational shortly.

At the moment, the Bing search engine with the ChatGPT Integrated is now available, albeit in limited capacity. Users who want to try it now must register on a waiting list. Microsoft plans to extend the preview to millions of users in the coming weeks, a step before the final release.

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