We tested the Ikea Starkvind air purifier compatible with HomeKit

This is one of those products or we could even say devices that have become more fashionable in recent times. Keep in mind that breathing pure and clean air is always the most important thing for people so living in environments with high pollution rates can be a problem.

Ikea Starkvind’s new air purifier is now available with Apple HomeKit compatible connectivity and in various finishes so that it does not clash in our home. In this sense we can say that it is an intelligent air purifier and you can program it, set speeds and obviously turn it on or off from anywhere with your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It should be remembered that it requires TRÅDFRI connection device -which is the Ikea hub which is not included- to use the IKEA Home Smart and HomeKit app.

Air purifiers have gone through several stages in recent years and currently some of them even cover the needs to combat current viruses such as the cursed COVID-19 coronavirus. In this case we already advance that this purifier does not add filtering of this type of virus, it does not serve to avoid contagions of this type. What it does protect is over several of the different pollutants that we currently have in the air in our home.

Ikea Starkvind air purifier table

This air purifying table from Ikea offers the user a two-in-one. At first when we have it in front of us it may look a bit big in dimensions but it’s actually great as a coffee table for our devices in addition to purifying the air in our room or room.

Best of all, it offers the manual configuration option thanks to roulette which adds on the fan part. It is also possible to use it in automatic mode or connect to the TRÅDFRI connection device to control it from the IKEA Home Smart app or from the HomeKit app.

From the manual selector wheel you can adjust the purifier speeds. If we leave the roulette pressed, it is blocked and thus we avoid that the little ones at home can play. We also have an LED that lights up at low intensity indicating the operation, the purifier blockage and even the filter change. It is really easy to use both manually and from the app.

The design of the table is suitable for the purifier

The table has a design created by David Wahl. It really is very much in the Ikea style but if you don’t want a table, we have the option of choosing the air purifier with a stand without a table, allowing it to be placed vertically in any room.

The color of these air purifiers are available in two finishes: black and white both for the model with a table and the one without a table. In the case of choosing the black color (which is the unit that we have tested) the table comes in a dark brown tone and in the case of choosing the purifier in white, the table is light. This material is stained oak veneer.

We can say that this type of table can be useful for dining rooms, living rooms, reading rooms or the like more than for a bedroom room. In this case, I would personally choose the model that does not have a table to be able to locate it in another way. This will obviously depend on each user, the good thing is to have both options available and to be able to choose for yourself.

Main specifications, noise and consumptions

In this case it is important to note that Ikea shows an operating sound level at speed 5 of 3dB (A) (51dB (A)) and a power of 33.0W (25.0W) so they are quite tight. In any case it is nothing noise at speed 1 offering 24dB (A) (24dB (A)) and low consumption to 2.0W (1.9W).

The connection with the mobile device logically requires the Ikea hub if we want to carry out the different actions from outside the home, in any case this hub is also purchased separately. For the connection with the Ikea Home Smart app we have to follow the steps once press the pairing button next to RESET. It is simple and you just have to follow the steps indicated.

Its measures are:

  • Cable length: 1.50 m
  • Diameter: 54 cm
  • Height: 55 cm
  • Weight 7.9 kg

Materials and assembly of the Starkvind coffee table

It is not complicated at all and anyone can assemble it. Logically like all – or almost all – the products that Ikea sells in its stores, this table with air purifier has to be assembled at home by the user. We can say that it does not have any complications for it.

In the box we find everything you need to be able to assemble the table with the purifier without problems, from the tools themselves to the small installation manual for the legs together with the purifier. On the inside we find the filter and everything necessary to mount it and make it work. In short, everything is very simple.

In this case the materials of the tplywood with pigmented lacquer and oak veneer. We can say that it is quite resistant to weight thanks to the solid pBirch covered with pigmented lacquer. In the part of the skeleton the material used is galvanized steel.

For the purifier itself, what predominates in terms of materials is plastic. The best of all is that it appears quite resistant and longevity over time, although it is true that few blows will take being strategically placed just below the coffee table.

The wall connection cable is routed through a slot in one of the table legs. On the other hand, the transformer is hidden in a drawer inside the purifier so it won’t be left on the ground or hanging. Good way to hide it.

Air quality is measured by a sensor that detects PM2.5 particles in the air

The sensor that this purifier adds Starkvind detects PM2.5 particles in the air. We can say that the effectiveness of this is good and especially when we remove the filter that it carries inside after half a year of use. This is a key point in realizing the amount of dirt that gets into our lungs and why air purifiers became so popular this time.

The filters that are added in the box as we said above but there is the option to buy a activated carbon filter and combine the two in the same purifier. In this case inside the box is iIncludes the particle filter.

To change the filters is really simple, We lift the board that is anchored and caught by the four pins on the sides, we remove the tabletop and we can now access to clean the pre-filter or replace the particle filter. In this sense it is recommended to change the filters every 6 months by Ikea, but the Ikea Home Smart app offers a section in which you can “darken” the filters with your smartphone to see if you really have to change them or not.

The clean air emission speed (CADR) at maximum / minimum fan power is 240/45 m3 / h with particulate filter and gas filter installed. Besides low fan speeds, the air purifier is really quiet, so you can leave it on all the time without being disturbed.

The manufacturer Ikea indicates that after replacing a filter, hold down the RESET button for 3 seconds. This reset will reset the filter replacement cycle counter.

Ikea Starkvind table price

The air purifier option without the table is priced at 99 euros at Ikea, the model is available in black and white. For the test model the price is 149 euros and it is available in two color finishes similar to the purifier itself.

Editor’s opinion

Really you don’t realize how many particles we breathe until you mount such an air purifier. Logically everyone is free to buy or not this type of accessories. In this case, we are sure that once you have this type of device at home (whether from Ikea or not) you start to see it with different eyes, especially if you live in large cities or near places where pollution is high by a reason or other.

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  • Simple but effective table design
  • Assembly and connection
  • Excellent price quality


  • It is something big but that is how the majority are

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