Google Chrome: Nvidia’s 4K RTX VSR upscaling is coming soon to the browser

NVIDIA’s upscaling technologies will soon be taken to the next level and used to improve the quality of online video streaming on the Google Chrome browser, starting with update 110.

Nvidia VSR

Good news for owners of RTX graphics cards, Google has published a “ Early Stable Update for Desktop which announces the arrival of Nvidia’s RTX Video Super Resolution technology in the Chrome browser. Like Deep Learning Super Super Sampling (DLSS) in video games, the RTX VSR is capable ofuse artificial intelligence to upscale video content to 4K.

In other words, it takes videos at definitions between 360p and 1440p (included) and uses AI to upscale video up to 4K definition. This technology should greatly facilitate the adoption of 4K screens by the greatest number, since it will considerably increase the number of 4K content available on the Web.

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When will RTX VSR technology come to Google Chrome?

According to the official changelog of Google’s latest browser update, Chrome 110 already supports this technology, but it will still need a new driver for it to work. Also, it is now confirmed that RTX VSR will only work if users manually enable it through the NVIDIA Control Panel. It will not be enabled by default.

If you want a taste of the performance offered by the RTX VSR, you can watch the video below. In the latter, Apex Legends gameplay footage captured at 1080p using H.264 at 8mbps bitrate are upscaled to 4K. You will obviously need an RTX graphics card to take advantage of the feature, but we do not know for the moment if all models will be compatible. According to information from Nvidia, only GeForce RTX 3000 and RTX 4000 graphics cards could benefit from it, therefore leaving the owners of GPU RTX 2000 on the floor.

Google would currently be rolling out update number 110.0.5481.77 with the functionality, but as we pointed out above, it will be necessary to wait for a new GeForce driver from Nvidia for the option to be accessible.

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