Google Chrome will allow you to add notes on the web

Google Chrome will add, soon, a function that may seem something very simple, but if we stop to think about it in reality has enormous utility potential. So much so that, once again, I think we are facing one of those novelties that make us think “How come someone hasn’t thought of this before?” And one more proof that, despite the fact that we usually think otherwise, in reality not everything has been invented and there is still room for many other small but powerful innovations.

Just yesterday we told you that Google has announced a good handful of new features for Android, Chrome, Wear OS and its services, and that is that the search engine company is working at full speed to improve the experience of its users. It is true that now a large part of their engineering teams must be focused on Bard, the search engine’s response to the new Microsoft Bing, but that does not mean that they can neglect the rest of their products and services, much less. (Xanax)

Sometimes virtue is in simplicity, And is there anything simpler than a text note? Thus, it seems that someone, perhaps after observing their own work desk, found inspiration and launched a recent and very interesting novelty of Google Chrome, the text notes associated with the passwords. We already told you about them and how to test them (at the moment only in Chrome Canary, the development version of the browser), and it seems that Google has taken a liking to this note thing.

so now Google Chrome Canary incorporates a function to add notes associated with web pages. At the moment it can only be found in the development version of the browser, and there are no indications about when it will make the jump to the final version, but after testing it it seems quite stable and complete, so it is possible that we will not have to wait too long. time to live that jump.

Google Chrome will allow you to add notes on the web

If you want to try it, you can do it, but you must meet two conditions for it. The first is that you must have version 113.0.5624.0 (or later) of Google Chrome Canary. Also, the function is not active by default, but you can activate it by modifying the value of two flags of the browser, are the following:

  • chrome://flags/#power-bookmark-backend
  • chrome://flags/ #user-notes-side-panel

Set both features to Enabled, restart your browser, and notes on web pages will now be available. To check it, access any web page, click anywhere on it with the right mouse button and then choose “Add a note” in the context menu.

In this way, a sidebar will be displayed on the right, in which you can write a new note, with a maximum size of 176 characters, as well as review those that you have previously added. And it is that, indeed, this is another very interesting aspect of this function, since you will be able to save as many notes as you want on each website.

We will still have to wait for its jump to the final version to check if notes saved on one device are accessible from others in which we use our account, as this would make the notes function much more useful. However, in the absence of being able to do that verification, the current proposal already has a really interesting aspect. If you still don’t have Chrome Canary and want to try this feature, you can download it from its official page.

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