Google updates Fitbit, Versa, Sense and Inspire wearables

Google has announced the new Fitbit wearables. An important renewal that affects the main models, the smart watches Sense 2 and Versa 4, in addition to the quantifying bracelet Inspire 3. Aimed at the category of electronic devices for monitoring physical activity and health, they will be available next fall and can now be booked with prices ranging from 99 at $299. We review them.

Fitbit Sense 2

At the top of the catalog is the second generation of the best Fitbit smartwatch. In a device of this type, the main sensor is key and from there comes the most important novelty, a new sensor Body Response that takes EDA capability to the next level with built-in continuous electrodermal activity to manage stress throughout the day. The new sensor also measures other common parameters such as heart rate and newer ones such as skin temperature.

One area where Fitbit is a leader is in providing guidance with the data the watch collects so you can take actions, like meditation or reflection, to help manage stress. The watch provides ten sleep metrics with the new Sleep Profile feature. The Sense 2 will show you what type of sleeper you are, detect key patterns and provide you with practical ways to improve your sleep. It has also doubled the number of exercise modes available with over 40 exercise modes on the device.

Fitbit has used an interesting technique to integrate the metal electrodes of its sensors into the glass screen, creating a slimmer and more elegant watch. Thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone, you can receive notifications such as calls and reply to text messages (with an Android phone connected). It has support for GPS like the rest of the models.

The new Sense should provide more than six days of autonomy and the battery has support for fast charging, just 12 minutes of charging will provide up to a day of battery life. Considering that Fitbit has been owned by Google for two years, we should see more and better integration of apps like Google Maps and Google Wallet.

The Sense 2 is officially priced at $299 and will ship in the fall with six months of free Fitbit premium services.

Fitbit Versa 4

The second of Fitbit’s new smartwatches costs $70 less than the Sense 2 and offers a very similar experience except that it doesn’t include the new Body Response sensor. It offers GPS, heart rate tracking, advanced sleep tracking, and other parameters.

The update over the Versa 3 is moderate and has focused on improving the design with less thickness and ease of use, with support for Google Wallet and Google Maps, more exercise modes and sleep tracking, as well as a new interface with mosaics that also debuts the Sense 2 and that should facilitate navigation.

The Versa 4 has the same six-day battery life and selection of health-oriented features as the Versa 3. It allows you to track heart rate, track active zone minutes during workouts, monitor levels blood oxygen levels, assess sleep quality, and track sports activities with the built-in GPS.

The watch can connect to Android terminals and also to Apple iPhones, even though Google’s commitment is to Wear OS, to improve partner models such as the Watch 5 or develop the next Pixel Watch of its own. The Versa 4 it will cost 230 dollars and is available for pre-order ahead of its global release this fall.

Fitbit Inspire 3

It is the new quantifying bracelet and it comes with an outstanding novelty, a full color screen that leaves behind the previous monochrome ones. Even with it, the Inspire 3 should last up to 10 days of battery life. Supports active zone minutes, sleep stages and sleep score, as well as stress management.

It also measures heart rate, skin temperature, SpO2, and respiratory rate. Fitbit offers six months of free services with this Inspire 3 that has a starting price of $99.

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