Great price on this set of 2 Philips Hue Play bars + 2 E27 connected bulbs

The world of connected objects from the Hue range signed Philips is highlighted by the French brand Darty! For a few days, a bundle consisting of 2 Philips Hue Play light bars and 2 E27 smart bulbs is 30% off.

You have until this Sunday, March 12, 2023, within the limit of available stocks, to take advantage of a nice 30% discount on the purchase of a set of Philips Hue connected objects.

Normally offered at 169.99 euros, the pack of 2 Philips Hue Play light bars and 2 White & Color Ambiance E27 connected bulbs go to exactly €119.13 after adding the product to the cart. This therefore saves 50 euros. For information, the delivery of the pack can be done free of charge at home, at a relay point or at a Darty store.

Available in black, the 2 Hue Play including two light bars and a power supply allow the connection of up to three lights. They can be placed upright, horizontally or on the back of your television thanks to the supports provided. Regarding LED bulbs, the E27 White & Color Ambiance of the Bluetooth-compatible Philips Hue range can be connected with the Hue bridge (not supplied) and easily integrated into the existing Hue ecosystem.

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