Has HBO Max overtaken Disney + in Spain?

The panorama of streaming services it has become a whole butcher shop. The platforms are struggling to get the last free subscription available, and with a mix of offers and proposals in the form of series and exclusive movies, they continue to scratch month after month the subscription of viewers who still do not know what is that of Internet television.

What do Spaniards see from their mobile?

HBO Spain

The latest analysis published by Smartme Analytics lets us see the current situation of viewers of streaming platforms that currently use the services through mobile devices. As expected, Netflix is ​​at the top of the ranking with a 20.7% penetration, however, the most important detail is related to the arrival of HBO Max to the Spanish market.

As you well know, the service recently arrived in Spain with a brutal promotion that allowed users to get a monthly price of 4.99 euros indefinitely for all those users who registered before November 30, a campaign that seems to have worked amazingly.


And it is that according to the data collected by Smartme Analytics, HBO Max It has managed to overtake Disney +, placing itself with 4.9% penetration as the third service with the most unique users. The surprising thing about the HBO Max change is that it has managed to increase the penetration currently maintained by the previous version of the service, HBO, by 198%, so that both the new content offer and the subscription promotion seem to have penetrated quite well between the public .. Of course, the study sample is only 17,000 users, so it would be necessary to be cautious when drawing definitive conclusions. Still, the momentum seems real.

A successful offer

The launch promotion of HBO Max has catapulted the service, managing to surpass the one that until now seemed to be going at a good pace: Disney +. That is at least what the Smartme Analytics study tries to reflect, and although it does not serve to make a precise review of the current situation, it could provide a first perspective of what is happening between streaming services.

Many users begin to criticize the Catalogue so overwhelming and no big Netflix releases, while HBO’s select and big-name content is getting more and more attention. With a great initial momentum, Disney + convinced many with its programming children, and although later they added content for adults with Star, the simultaneous premieres with the cinema with a price of 21 euros and some great absences with the Marvel seal still do not satisfy the users 100%.

In this whirlwind of criticism and discontent, HBO Max arrives with its lifetime offer of 5 euros a month, with a very attractive catalog and large consolidated productions, so it is most likely that yes, the new service is taking a large part of the cake that is at stake with the spectators. And you, have you hired HBO Max taking advantage of the 5 euros lifetime offer?

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