Home and Nest: Google changes an ambient noise, and it annoys a lot of people

Do you know the white noise of Google Assistant? This is an ambient sound that some find relaxing. Shorter and more discreet for a few days, it has provoked the wrath of those who are used to using it.

Google Nest Audio
Credit: Google

Anger is brewing among some of the owners of a Google Home or Nest speaker, or who simply use Google Assistant. On Reddit and on the Google forum, the complaint messages are piling up. The reason ? Google has changed the sound played when we ask Assistant to play the “white noise”.

Google Assistant’s new white noise is not unanimous

White noise is an ambient sound offered by Google Assistant, which is intended to be relaxing and is used by some people to fall asleep more easily, such as rain sounds, river sounds, storm sounds, forest sounds, crackling fireplaces and a few more available from the service.

But according to those accustomed to the use of white noise, it no longer has anything to do with the old version. If we believe the messages, this new version is much more subdued and silent, which is not to their liking. Another criticism made, this ambient sound would repeat on a loop every ten minutes, while the previous one lasted an hour before restarting from the beginning. As a reminder, the ambient sounds continue to be played for 12 hours if no shutdown is programmed. 2nd generation Nest Hubs have an auto-off feature when they detect the user has fallen asleep.

If you are one of the nostalgics of the old white noise, know that you can play or download the file from Google Drive thanks to a certain Luis Rodriguez who put it online. Already forced to remove features from its Google Nest because of a lost lawsuit against Sonos for patent infringement, Google has had a series of disappointments with the speakers in its ecosystem at the start of the year.

Source: 9To5Google

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