How many post-credit scenes does The Flash have?

The Flash.

It opens in theaters today The Flash, the film with which many critics assure that we will restore faith in the DC franchise. This is a rather bold statement, but the truth is that the tape has received such good reviews that more than one trusts that this is the revival that the DC Extended Universe needs. If you think so too and go straight to the cinema today to see it, you are probably wondering how many post-credit scenes it has. We get you out of doubt.

The Flash, the superhero that nobody saw coming

Of all the DC charactersit is likely that Flash Be one of the last to think that you could star in a movie that would cause so much impact. But sometimes that is the magic of the movies and of certain superheroes. And that the film did not have them all with it. An extremely controversial protagonist as he is ezra miller He was still in the eye of the hurricane with accusations of all kinds and you already know how vindictive the general public can be with certain behaviors of Hollywood stars.

Mysteriously, it seems that everything has gone quite white in recent weeks, and the actor he has even appeared (after three years practically hidden from the flashes) on the red carpet to promote the film. A story that the specialized press has liked a lot, highlighting its entertaining plot, its nostalgic charge and its casting. So much so that they have come to classify it as one of the best superhero movies of all time, “opening new paths in this type of cinema” and “honoring the DC of past years”, as indicated for example in heroic hollywood.

The film opens today, June 16, in theaters all over the planet, including in Spain, where we do not doubt that it will gather a good number of fans in the rooms.

How many post-credit scenes does the movie have?

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the post-credit scenes in Flashwe tell you that the film has only a scene right at the end of his footage.

without trying to do spoilers about it, we will only tell you that it appears Barry Allen telling another character what happened to him in the recent adventure that he has lived and that we have all seen in the film. It is a scene with a certain humorous charge and that in principle It doesn’t seem to be very momentous for future stories in the DC Extended Universe.

That said, now you can know that after it you can get up from your seat and go to the exit of the room without fear of missing anything…

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