NVIDIA gives away Redfall Bite Back Edition with GeForce RTX 40

We will still have to wait a few weeks for Redfall to hit the market, the expected new Arkane title which, from what we have been able to see so far, promises to offer us a really intense experience. In case you still don’t know what it is, this game takes us to Redfall, an island city in Massachusetts subjected to an intense siege by vampires, which completely prevents any kind of connection with the outside world.

Thus, together with a handful of survivors, you will have to face harassment by vampires, while trying to reveal what is hidden behind the appearance of these evil creatures. And it is that only if you are able to find out the reason why this is happening will you have the possibility to end the attack and allow Redfall to recover normality. For this purpose you will have Devinder Crousley, cryptozoologist and inventor; Layla Ellison, a biomedical engineering student associated with the place where he started it all; Remi de la Rosa, combat engineer with many tables in the front; and Jacob Boyer, a military sniper turned mercenary.

redfall is a Open world first person shooter, with solo and cooperative modeswhich will arrive on PC and Xbox next may 2 from the hand of Bethesda. In its PC version, it will come in two editions, the standard one, with a price of 69.99 euros, and the special Redfall Bite Back Edition, which, with a price of 99.99 euros, offers a complete selection of add-ons. And the good news is that you can get the special edition, totally free, if you plan to change your graphics card or laptop.

Thanks to a promotion just announced by NVIDIA, and for a limited time, if you make the jump to GeForce RTX 40 series you will get a copy of Redfall Bite Hard Edition. Specifically, the offer applies to the purchase of a qualifying RTX 4090, 4080, 4070 Ti desktop graphics card, as well as select laptops with an RTX 4090 or 4080 GPU.

Redfall Bite Hard Edition Exclusive Content

  • base game of redfall
  • heroic pass redfall with two future heroes
  • Laser beam skin for various weapons
  • Weapon Accessory Tactical Knife
  • Northern Devinder Expedition Outfit
  • Jacob’s Dark Eyes Outfit
  • Layla’s War Clothes Outfit
  • Remi’s Volunteer Engineer Outfit

Therefore, if you were thinking of making the leap to the latest generation of NVIDIA, this is a recommended time to do so, since in addition to being able to start enjoying all the virtues of the Ada Lovelace architecture, you can get, totally free, with a game that is priced at 99.99 euros.

You can find the graphics cards and laptops that are included in this promotion at the main distributors. Next, we offer you a link to see them in PcComponentes

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