How Nvidia will boost its GPU drivers with AI

More and more companies, and Internet users, are beginning to measure the true potential of Artificial Intelligence. Nvidia intends to use this new technology to improve its products. This is already visible through the DLSS technology integrated into its graphics cards.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070 TI

According to Nvidia, “DLSS technology analyzes sequential frames and motion data from the new optical flow accelerator of GeForce RTX 40XX GPUs to create additional images […] without compromising visual quality or responsiveness”. The company is well aware that the software part of a GPU is just as important as the list of its components. DLSS 3 is a good illustration of this, since it is now one of the biggest selling points of the new generation of GeForce.

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Nvidia doesn’t want to just use AI to render the image, however. The founder has every intention of put it to good use in the area of ​​GPU drivers. A Twitter user named CapFrameX is peddling the rumor that Nvidia is working to speed up the pace of updates to its GPUs, and to do so, the pilot code would be optimized by the grace of Artificial Intelligence. Taken together, all the small improvements to instruction sets, threading, and other data rates, could deliver “30% more performance and an average 10% improvement.”

AI-Optimized GeForce RTXs Could Offer a 30% Performance Boost

Which chips in the GeForce RTX family of cards would be affected by this real paradigm shift? Will this new type of pilots change the way we update our equipment? No one, except Nvidia, knows it yet, but the race is on. The green team isn’t the only component maker interested in AI-assisted software optimization. It is whispered that AMD and Intel are also studying such solutions for their own chips.

Currently, AlphaCode, Google’s Artificial Intelligence, codes as well as a beginner programmer and not a day goes by without ChatGPT talking about its prowess.

Source : Videocardz

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