How to customize the screen of your Android TV

How to add shortcuts to your favorite applications

For add or remove apps from our tab of Favorites We will have to go first to the Home tab of our Android TV. There will be a list in there called “Favorite Applications.” To add apps to this row, navigate to the bottom of the list to the right. An icon will appear that will «Add application to Favorites».

Clicking on that icon we will get a app list that we have already installed on our television or multimedia device. We will select the application and we will give the OK button on our remote control. The application will then be added to the favorites list.

Remove a program from Favorite Applications

move favorites android tv

If on the contrary, what you want is remove a program from the favorites list, all you have to do is select the application along the list and make a long press to the accept button («OK» button) on your remote hand. In this case, a drop-down menu will appeare in which we can click on the last option, called “remove from favorites”.

Reorder favorites

For change the order of the applications within this list of favorites, we will do the same process as in the previous step, only, instead of deleting, we will click on the “move” option. With this we can move the icon to the left or right depending on how we are most interested.

Customize the Home screen

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, Android TV gives you the possibility of set up practically all aspects of the system to your liking. Almost the same as in the mobile version. You will be able hide those functions that you do not use at all and highlight the ones you use in your day to day.

The only apps on Android TV that are static are those on YouTube and the rest of the stores that make up the Google Play Store. The rest of the services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max or Disney + they can be configured to suit us. Similarly, you can hide those services that you no longer use or that you have simply stopped paying for the subscription, as we will tell you a little later.

android tv device preferences

To do one precise customization of the Start menu, you will have to go to Settings, by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your TV. Then, a side menu will appear where you will have to select the option “Starting screen”. Inside we will find a lot of different options. The ones we must use are the following:

  • Customize channels
  • Customize services
  • Content preferences

settings customize android tv

In addition, we can check or uncheck if we want or not enable video previews. In case you do want to keep them, you can turn off the sound If it bothers you that audio is played every time you hover over the different recommendations that Android TV gives you.

My list

In this first option all the multimedia streaming apps that we have installed in our television or TV Box. If you want the application to disappear from your home screen, you will simply have to uncheck it. In the same way, if an icon appears off, you will only have to check the drop-down to the right to activate the channel on your TV.

For example, if you do not use Google Play Music or are interested in the recommendations offered to you through Promotional Channels, we will deactivate them from here and they will no longer come out in the ranks in our main screen.

Some channels will not only have the on / off dropdown, but we can also configure some of the internal options of each app. This is the case of YouTube, Disney + or HBO Max, among others. We will show you the example with Youtube, but doing the same steps you can customize any similar app.


If we enter the YouTube list, you can personalize the information that you can view on your main screen as if they were independent channels. Can be configured all these options:

  • recommendations
  • Subscriptions
  • Trends
  • Youtube music

If you don’t regularly use YouTube Music because you pay for some other music streaming service like Amazon Music Unlimited or Spotify, you can disable YouTube Music channel on your TV. It is also very common to remove the Trends channel, since, in general, they will recommend music videos and viral videos that will not interest us at all.

Content preferences

android tv recommendations

If you enter the Content Preferences option, you can guide Android TV a bit about your tastes.

In this menu will appear a series of programs installed on your TV and you can mark or unmark those apps whose content recommendations interest you. Then, we will click on confirm and we will get a small program that will remind more than one of Tinder, since we will have to click on Like, Dislike or Skip based on our preferences.

similar content android tv

We will give thumbs up if we want Google to recommend more similar content, thumbs down if we want to tell the assistant not to show us products similar to that title and “Skip” if we are indifferent. This last option is the option that you must click if you do not know the series or movie that has been shown to you. This way we will not make artificial intelligence dizzy.

Rearrange Applications / Games

With these two options we can choose the order in which we will show our apps and games in the Apps and Games menu. It is similar to what we do on our screen on Android for smartphones, only, in this case, it is done from Settings so that we do not misconfigure our television by mistake.

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