HP ZCentral: all the power of a workstation in your data center

Industrial engineers, architects, programmers, video editors, system directors… there are many professional profiles that use all the power that a workstation can offer them every day; equipment that goes far beyond what we find in a common PC, both in its CPU and in its graphic processing capacity.

In the case of HP, the equipment that is part of its Z series, They have managed to position themselves among the best that we can find in the market, both in desktop and portable stations. Equipped with the latest generation of Intel processors, and all the power that can be expected from the best professional graphics cards, in this space workstations such as the HP Zbook Studio G8, defined by HP itself as “the most powerful workstation in the world with respect to its size”, a HP Z2 G8 SFF that comes as the fastest SFF (Small Form Factor) workstation on the market, or the HP Z1 G8 Tower, HP’s most affordable professional-certified Z desktop.

And although it is true that working with a workstation is ideal for these types of professionals, it is also true that in hybrid and telework scenarios, it is not always possible to have a type of equipment that, due to its weight and size, makes it difficult to we can move them easily. To respond to those professionals who need maximum performance when working remotely, but also to those others who occasionally need all the power that only a workstation can provide, HP offers them HP ZCentral, a high-performance solution that integrates directly into the data center of any company.

ZCentral Remote Boost and HP ZCentral Connect

HP ZCentral is a solution for which specialized HP partners, such as Abast, advise companies that need it on the best way to offer their employees a high-performance platform for intensive workflows, based on the HP Z-series workstations.

In this advisory work, both the marketing and support of dedicated equipment are combined, as well as the installation and configuration of Z workstations mounted directly on the rack, thus being integrated into the company’s DPC.

In this way, users can access all the power of the best workstations on the market from any Windows, Linux or Mac device, regardless of their technical characteristics. To enjoy high-performance workflows, all users have to do is download and install the software ZCentral Remote Boost, whose sole objective is to establish a communication channel between the workstations that are housed in the company’s data center and the different access points.

At the same time, IT managers have the software HP ZCentral Connect, with which they can control the use that is being made of the different workstations they have, the active connections, the time of use, etc. In this way, and thanks to HP ZCentral, professionals gain freedom when it comes to connecting to a workstation from almost any device, both from the company’s premises, as well as in a remote work mode.

More powerful than virtualization, cheaper than cloud

HP positions its HP ZCentral solution as an alternative to other popular options when it comes to having the additional power that external equipment can provide, such as the server virtualization or the cloud.

In the first case, from HP they emphasize that while virtualized servers divide the computing power among several users, in the case of ZCentral, individualized access to a dedicated workstation is offered, so that the user enjoys 100 % of machine resources. On the other hand, compared to a virtualized solution, we are talking about equipment that has been optimized to respond to the most demanding applications and, by not requiring additional software or hardware, more performance is achieved at a cheaper price.

Regarding the consumption of cloud resources, from the American multinational, points to the fact that the cloud does not offer the cost structure that companies need to offer maximum performance to advanced users and that only with a solution like HP ZCentral can predictable prices be achieved without sacrificing performance. In addition, and compared to the data centers that large hyperscalars have, HP’s solution constitutes a truly secure alternative, since the data is only transferred within the framework of the corporate network.

They are HP partners such as ABAST, certified as HP Amplify Power Services Partner and Workstation Specialist, who are capable of bringing solutions such as HP ZCentral to companies. This Spanish company, with more than 35 years in the market, is one of the most important distributors of HP’s professional range of managed equipment and services. With more than 1000 IT certifications to its credit and more than 400 employees, ABAST has the best experts to advise, plan and implement one of the best solutions that companies that want to maintain their productivity and competitiveness can count on, without giving up the flexibility of new workspaces.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of HP ZCentral and how ABAST can respond to the needs of your company, do not miss a webinar, in which the solution is completely reviewed and in which you can attend the most complete demo.

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