Human Team opens a new headquarters in Zaragoza

The HR solutions consultancy has just opened a new headquarters in Zaragoza and thus consolidates territorial expansion strategy which started a few years ago. With a portfolio of more than 200 clients in the first half of 2022, the company offers experiential outdoor training, salary audit, succession plans, skills management, organizational models, performance evaluation, employee experience and employer branding, among others. issues.

Valencia, Galicia and Madrid They already have the services of this consultancy. However, Human Team has already worked remotely with clients in this city such as the INAEM of Zaragoza, the San Jorge University, the Aragón Automotive Cluster, Imaginarium, Pharmalex and Plantapol, among others. For this new headquarters, Human Team will have the consulting firm Smartpoint as a partner with which it will develop new projects.

“This new opening is an important milestone for us and we believe it will allow us to expand our innovative solutions in other regions. After a market study, we detected that Zaragoza is a region with strong growth in sectors such as logistics and the automotive industry and the different clusters that are being organized require innovative services in terms of human resources”Explain Jose Enrique Garcia, Director of Human Team.

the consultant, which has increased its workforce by 10% in the last year, New openings are planned for 2023 in cities such as Bilbao and Turin, as it expects an increase in demand for consulting services in this area in the coming years. “We are facing a multitude of changes and transformations also in the workplace. Therefore, companies will need innovative responses to manage their talent and team”Garcia points out.

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