If you don’t know Photoshop, Adobe makes it easy for you with this tool

Photoshop has always had a learning curve quite tricky. It is true that once you learn it, it is a tool that you want to use for the rest of your life. But it is by no means a program for all audiences. In the last 15 years, we have seen many applications on the Internet that have tried to do the same as Photoshop, but in a simpler way. Now, it is Adobe itself that wants to solve this ballot. Adobe Creative Cloud Express is the new app that wants you to use Photoshop like an expert if you have always been lazy to learn how to use it.

Adobe moves against Canva

Credits: Adobe

Adobe has reacted late, but at least it has responded to the offensive it has given Canva these last few years. There have been few attempts to bring simple editing tools and intuitive to the general public. Do you remember Picnik? The demand for these products has always been there, but few have been able to offer solutions in the long term and above all, profitable for its developers.

Creative Cloud Express is an application that combines the best of tools suite main by adobe. You can download it as free and start using it to create images, Edit videos and even modify PDF files. The application has an immense catalog of patterns, text fonts, and free photographs that we can use in our montages. These resources come from Adobe Stock, which curiously offered a few months ago to its collaborators a fixed sum of money in exchange for allowing Adobe to offer those photos, illustrations and vectors for free to its clients.

Adobe Stock at your fingertips

According to Adobe, their goal with Creative Cloud Express is that you never have to face the blank canvas syndrome, a phenomenon that always occurs in Photoshop and Illustrator. Therefore, they offer us their library with 175 million images Y 20,000 fonts different. And of course, all without having to leave the application. Creative Cloud Express is a Swiss Army knife, an all-in-one that has the best of each world, and that can achieve that any user adapt and become proficient in the tool in a matter of a few days.

The free plan Creative Cloud Express is limited, while the version premium has a cost of 9.99 euros per monthsy allows absolute interconnection with the desktop suite. It is available now for download in the App Store of ios, in the Play Store of Android and in the Microsoft Store if your machine moves Windows 10 or Windows 11. You can also access Creative Cloud Express through a browser.

It is not a replacement for Photoshop Express or Premiere Rush

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Sample 1

Credits: Adobe

Adobe currently has no plans for this new app replace Photoshop Express and Premiere Rush, the two photo and video editing for mobile devices. It’s something that makes us happy, because these two applications, along with Lightroom Mobile, are the best performing programs from Adobe, and they show a bit the path that Americans should follow.

What has fallen has been Adobe Spark, which is the application that Adobe Creative Cloud Express replaces. In any case, this is great news, as it will allow advanced editing tools to come to fruition. wider audience, thus allowing more people to develop their creativity, ingenuity and ideas in an easy and intuitive way.

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