In these cases it is better that you do not use PLC over WiFi

When to avoid Wi-Fi with PLCs

It is true that today most devices are compatible with the Wifi, but the network cable is still used a lot. In fact, if you need maximum stability and speed, it is the best for your television, computer or even game consoles. You will be able to connect without problems and without the annoying cuts appearing.

The device is not dual band

A first reason is if the PLC devices you have are not dual band. That means you can’t connect to the 5GHz band and can only connect to the 2.4GHz band. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, if you’re looking to achieve the Maximum speed without a doubt it is necessary that you can opt for the 5 GHz.

Therefore, think about what you need from PLC devices and if speed is important to you, the ideal is to connect by cable and avoid using Wi-Fi if the model you have is not dual band.

You need maximum stability

Another issue to take into account is that you need to have the maximum stability. The network cable offers greater stability and you will have fewer cuts than if you connect via Wi-Fi. Especially when you connect through PLC devices that are not of great quality, it is more common for problems to appear.

In this case, it would also be better if you chose to connect the devices by cable and you will have fewer problems. Although you always lose some speed when using PLC, you will have more than when connecting via Wi-Fi.

Wired PLC devices

Are you going to use it together with other devices?

Are you going to connect via Wi-Fi to the PLCs from a device that has other devices next to it, or do you have the PLC next to other household appliances? In that case the wireless network could be compromised and perform worse. there may be instability and interference that cause a malfunction.

Our advice in that case is that you connect by network cable. If you find that you have no choice but to use devices that are surrounded by possible interference, it is best to avoid Wi-Fi.

You can install LAN cable

If you have the possibility to perform an installation of LAN cable to connect the television, computer or any compatible equipment, it is better than connecting to Wi-Fi. In general you will have more positive results, with greater speed and stability. It will not always be possible, but if you have this option it is the best.

The Wi-Fi network may lose signal when you connect several devices at the same time. You may have problems connecting and these failures can be avoided if you connect wired, via Ethernet cable.

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