Internet is in check, a researcher claims to have broken RSA with quantum computing

Passwords can be said to be the main security barrier to keep intruders away from our accounts. We constantly use them to protect social networks, bank accounts, devices… But it must be mentioned that not all of them are the same. Not only the key you choose, but the type of encryption. Over time, technology has advanced to create more robust encryption methods. An example is the RSA algorithm, which has been in use for many years and RSA-2048 was currently considered the most secure. Now, according to one researcher, it is in check due to the quantum computing.

It has always been considered that it would take millions of years, even in break a key encrypted with RSA-2048. That, logically, starting from the initial idea and the technology that, at least in the beginning, existed to be able to decipher it. Logically, everything advances and these times can be greatly shortened, as it seems that they can happen.

Crack RSA with quantum computing

We can say that RSA is the public key algorithm most used worldwide. Therefore, if there really was a method to break it, the Internet would be in check. We would have serious problems. This is not the first time this has been talked about, since a few years ago there were even reports indicating that a password could be broken in a few hours. Nothing was confirmed, nor has it been on this occasion, at least for the moment.

According to security researcher Ed Gerck, might have found a way to use quantum computing to break RSA. He is preparing a research article and cybersecurity experts question whether it is really possible and ask for evidence. It should be mentioned that, since 1994, there has been a quantum algorithm called Shor, by Peter Shor, its creator, which would allow, if there was a quantum computer with the necessary capacity, to break devices that used this type of encryption.

However, experts say that, at least so far, there is no quantum computer with the ability to crack RSA-2048 keys. Now, the researcher behind the claim that he has been able to break this encryption, assures that he has simply used a normal mobile phone or a home computer with Linux. Basically, with equipment of less than €1,000 he would have achieved his goal.

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Everything in doubt

As we say, cybersecurity experts They doubt that this is possible. They ask for evidence and hope that Ed Gerck will show real information about his investigation. That is what will determine if it is something theoretical or if it really could have broken an RSA-2048 key and if we should worry.

Of course, if this were true, it would be a important blow for organizations of all types, around the world, that use this encryption. For example, governments could intercept sensitive communications if they could decrypt the data. They could eventually use quantum computers, which can use qubits, to crack keys using RSA in days or even hours.

There is already the Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite 2.0, an algorithm created by the United States that has been proven to be an encryption resistant to quantum computing. In fact, the NSA already has plans to start using CNSS in different types of software, browsers, routers or VPNs, in the coming years.

In short, as we have explained, a security researcher claims that it has the ability to break RSA keys. If true, it would be a major blow to cybersecurity. However, for the moment all experts agree that they need proof. There are methods to crack hashed passwords in Windows.

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