Why does the new iPhone 13 take so long to arrive?

Are you affected by the crisis in the supply sector?

For several months, a huge driver crisis affecting the technology industry has been palpable. Virtually no company is spared. Even Samsung had to cancel some launches such as the ‘Galaxy Note 21’ and it is even expected that they may cancel other projects. And it is not the fault of the South Korean company but of the shortage of components with which to assemble these devices.

As far as Apple is concerned, they have been relatively lucky. If it is true that there is talk of problems for equipment such as MacBook, although no problems were expected for the iPhone, since sources close to the company pointed out for months that Apple had everything well tied up. Even having increased production costs due to the increase in the price of TSMC chips, they have managed to keep the iPhone 13 at the same prices that the ’12’ had last year.

colors iphone 13 pro

From Asian media close to the assembly line, such as The Elec or Digitimes, these days point out that the problem that Apple is having with the iPhone 13 has its origin in the camera lens supply. We recall that this year the four models include lenses with a larger diameter than previous years, which makes it difficult to reuse parts that were already in stock.

It must be said that the delay in shipments is not the same in all iPhones. There are some models like those of the alpine blue color (blue sierra) of the ‘Pro’ who are having even more delays. This is also proof that it is being one of the most popular colors of this new generation, as is also the case with the pinks in the ’13’ and ’13 mini ‘range.

When will these problems be solved?

This is the million dollar question and unfortunately there is no answer. At least still. The most optimistic analysts point out that probably in the second half of this month of October the situation could improve and maintain a stable stock in stores (both physical and online). It is also presumable that once the initial furor of the launch has passed, purchases continue to rise, but with a much slower pace than seen so far.

In any case, if you are interested in one of the new iPhones, you can enter the company’s website and make your purchase by viewing the delivery times for each terminal. Remember that you have two options, store pickup and home delivery. A priori there should be identical times in each case, but you may find more stock in stores, so approaching an Apple Store could be the most convenient, as long as you have one nearby.

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