AirTags are updated to a new firmware version 1.0.276

It’s been a few weeks since Apple released a firmware update for AirTags but there were many users who did not receive itIt seems that that version that was number 1A276d and version 1.0.276 And some problem and finally it did not end up reaching all users.

In this case the new version has the same numbering as the previous one, that is, the firmware version 1.0.276 so it will be difficult to know if we have previously updated when we will have the new version installed on the AirTag.

The improvements included in that version were related to the lost mode and it seems that in this case they are similar and related to this mode. It is unknown why Apple did not finally release the new version for everyone but now it seems that it will reach the whole world.

How to check if our AirTag is up to date?

The task may seem complicated but nothing is further from reality in this case we have to use the iPhone for it and we are going to show you how to do it. The first thing we have to do is enter the Search application. Now once we are inside the Search application at the bottom we find several menus and we have to click on «Objects». Once we have simply clicked we have to touch on the name that we have given to our AirTag and there again we will click on the name At the top, you will see how the serial number and firmware of your AirTag appear.

In my personal case I can say that I already have the update installed, I don’t know if from the other time or from now but I am already on 1.0.276. New features also include an adjustment to the period of time that AirTags take to play the audible alert after being separated from their owner in addition to privacy improvements. On the other hand, the Cupertino firm has confirmed that it is working on an Android application that will detect AirTags and other accessories enabled for «Search».

Was your AirTag updated?

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