Is it really good to turn off the Smart TV completely? Be careful, keep this in mind

When you leave the television in Stand By, with the red LED on, it will be consuming electricity. Even if it is much less than when it is turned on completely, the truth is that it will be wasting energy. This is what is known as phantom consumption and can amount to over 7% of the total bill and in some cases even exceed 10%.

Turn off the TV or not

In most situations, turning off the television completely is not a bad thing. In fact, it can avoid problems and we are not just talking about greater energy consumption. A clear example is in case there is a short circuit, electrical storms or simply wear and tear. All this is going to make keeping the TV plugged in negative.

However, there are cases in which it is not very convenient to turn off the Smart TV. For example, if you have a OLED screen, you should know that they perform screen maintenance, which is called a compensation cycle. It is something that happens every four hours of operation and serves to repair possible pixels that are deteriorating due to use. This way, you can maintain good image quality for longer. If you turn it off completely, that cycle is interrupted and you can have long-term problems.

Another reason is that some televisions receive Automatic Updates. When you have them at rest, they are ready to start those updates, which they have previously detected, as soon as you turn them on. You can even update the firmware or certain applications while in Stand By, with the screen off.

But, leaving these specific cases aside, in general it is positive to turn off the television. Especially if you are going to spend long periods without using it, it is even more convenient. You will avoid problems and make it work better for longer. In addition, you will save energy by avoiding that phantom consumption.

Bad Internet to TV

Be careful what you plug in

Beyond the TV itself, you need to consider what you’re plugging in nearby. For example, you could have connected speakers, a game console or video players. All these devices will be consuming electricityas long as you have them connected to the power or to the Smart TV itself.

Our advice is that you review all this very carefully. You must unplug anything that you don’t need to always have it on. If you’re just going to watch TV, you don’t need the game console to be connected. Therefore, turn off all these devices and you will be able to save energy every month and pay less.

In short, as you see, it may or may not be good to turn off the television completely. In general terms, we can say that it is good for saving energy. However, in other situations, especially if they are not going to be turned off for a long time, it might be more convenient to leave them on.

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