Is it safe to pay with Apple Pay?

Being able to carry credit cards on your iPhone and pay with this device is a real convenience, plus it saves you from having to carry a wallet full of cards. However, there is a question that the vast majority of users assail when using Apple Pay, and that is, how safe is it to pay with this method? Well, in this post we explain it to you.

Apple and security always go hand in hand

As we said, with the arrival of Apple Pay, users who are lucky enough that their bank is fully compatible with this payment method, have experienced the tremendous comfort of being able to forget, once and for all, of carrying thousands of cards in pocket or simply carry a wallet that takes up a lot of space. With this functionality developed by Apple, all you have to do is take out your iPhone or Apple Watch and pay in all those shops that accept card payment.

The convenience of Apple Pay is incredibleIn fact, it not only serves to be able to pay in different establishments such as supermarkets, clothing stores and all those that have a payment terminal enabled, but you can also use this payment method on web pages that have enabled it. In fact, on Macs that have Touch ID, you only have to choose Apple Pay as the payment method, put your finger, and in a matter of seconds you will have made your purchase in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.

But beware, comfort is not the only factor that makes Apple Pay one of the most recommended ways to pay in different establishments. Apple has always been, and It is a company that cares a lot about security and privacy of all the people who are lucky enough to enjoy a device with the apple logo, and obviously, by developing a payment method security had to be one of the most important and strong points of this.

apple pay apple card

Whenever a user makes a payment with Apple Pay, whether it’s on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac, they need to be sure that both their personal data such as your bank details are safe. Whenever you make a purchase, Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and transaction code that is unique in the world. In this way, the number of the card with which you have chosen to make that payment will never be stored on your device or on Apple Pay’s own servers, and of course, the Cupertino company never shares this type of data with businesses.

In fact, proof that this is completely true is that when you make a purchase with the Apple Watch through Apple Pay, and later want to receive a refund but using the iPhone, even though you do it, in theory, with the same card, you’ll have to use the Apple Watch because Apple uses those different identification numbers. Therefore, if you were a user who did not use Apple Pay due to doubts as to whether it is a secure payment method or not, you can take away all the fears and start enjoying the convenience and security offered by this Apple service.

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