Is PlayStation going to release a series of NFTs?

When the competition tightens, one of the formulas that brands have to prevent their customers from experimenting with the products of rivals is with the loyalty programs. Sony has just launched PlayStation Stars, a points program that players on its consoles will be able to accumulate to exchange for assets digital or even use to get discounts inside the store. And with that of the ‘assets digital’, the Internet has thrown its hands in the head. Did someone say NFTs?

PlayStation Stars and digital rewards

PlayStation Stars is a program of reward points for players of Sony consoles. Not only will we earn points by buying games, but we will also obtain them by unlocking certain trophies or achieving certain challenges within the games. To make the parallel, PlayStation Stars is practically the same as the ‘Missions and Rewards’ program that Nintendo announced a few months ago for Nintendo Switch Online members.

In this type of services, points can be redeemed for various products and services. And apparently, Sony has not explained itself too well when it comes to defining what precisely those ‘digital assets‘. Shortly after the service was announced, some PlayStation fans have been disappointed by the idea that Sony has given the ball to digital collections.

It’s all been a big misunderstanding

Nope, Sony has no plans to get into NFTs. This has been clarified by the vice president of Sony Advertising, Grace Chen. In a recent interview with Washington Postthis company directive has explained that the digital collectibles that are integrated into the PlayStation Stars program do not have nothing to do with NFTs.

There are no blockchains and there will be no trade

And, in fact, Chen is absolutely right. These digital assets cannot be bought and sold between users. There is also no possibility that the owners of these exchange them among themselves. And Blockchain technology is not used either. Therefore, we are facing digital products that have existed all our lives.

Since there is no possibility of making exchanges, Sony does not give room for speculation with these digital products. As explained by Grace Chen, many of the collections will have extensive print runs, while other gifts will be unique and will be given to tournament winners or the first player to achieve a platinum trophy in a certain title.

You can exchange the points for funds in the PSN wallet

Not all users are going to applaud the idea of ​​redeeming their loyalty points for digital collectibles. And in fact, if you don’t want to, you can ignore its existence.

As is also the case with Nintendo’s new loyalty system, players who accumulate many points will be able to spend them in the console’s own store, thus being able to buy new games, DLCs or any other type of product that is sold in the playstation store.

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