It had to happen: modders are fixing the GTA trilogy

What Rockstar initially thought would be an easy quick-money operation is turning out to be one of their biggest nightmares. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is a complete disaster, and even the developer itself has already publicly admitted its guilt. But the thing does not end there, since, apparently, the modders they are taking care of repair the game faster than Grove Street Games.

Rockstar tries to score a Nintendo and gets a Cyberpunk

Rockstar Games promised a remaster of his first three editions of GTA from the 3D era and he went overboard with his estimates. They put too many expectations on the table, but when push comes to shove, what has reached the public has been a video game full of bugs and totally unfinished. The performance of the titles is very poor and the inheritance of programming errors compared to the originals, along with the non-existent art direction of these new versions show the little affection with which this trio of video games have been remastered.

Luckily, Rockstar had a bit of decency a few days ago and admitted that their definitive trilogy does not meet quality standards expected by its users. To apologize, the company decided to give away a copy of the original video games to everyone who purchased The Trilogy. A small detail that really tastes like little, but that will serve to make time while they repair the mess they have formed.

The modders they fight back

Unfortunately for Rockstar Games and Take-two (her womb), the modders they seem to be very fond of The Trilogy. Over the past year, Take-Two has had quite a few legal battles against them. They have managed to get the community to withdraw various mods of circulation, threatening more severe lawsuits. However, the failed trilogy has rekindled the fire. For the modders, working for the love of art has become a way of expose Rockstar and Grove Street Games. In this way, the first mods of the community to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. Thanks to these heroes without a cape, all three titles are on their way to being a little more playable.

Better Rain is one of the first mods that have come to light. It is a patch that fix the visual effects of the rain from GTA III, which was so annoying that you could barely play comfortably while downpour. Another of the greats mods that they have launched is called “Make Los Santos Great Again”. Here, the modders, who seem to know San Andreas better than their own developers, they have brought back the schematics of colors that we originally saw on PlayStation 2. They have also increased the fog to more closely resemble the original game, and without this climatic element, the game looks soulless. With this mod, the game recovers many points from aerial perspectives, since the haze prevents the map from looking tiny from above.

These mods made by the community are only compatible with PC version, and they are not expected to reach any other platform at the moment. Luckily, Grove Street Games and Rockstar can use all this new material that modders publish to blatantly copy it get inspired when pitching new patches for this failed delivery.

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