Jonas Brothers Helps Promote Spatial Audio on Apple Music

Spatial Audio

Apple Music continues to grow its library of songs that feature Spatial Audio. As a novelty, now you can listen to the Jonas Brothers on Dolby Atmos. The Happiness Begins album of the band is now available including lossless audio as well. The news was shared by the artists themselves, with a tweet linking people to the album on Apple Music.

Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio have come to Apple Music to stay. A novelty that is a real marvel and that must be taken advantage of. Apple has been in charge of publicizing it, but what better than the artists themselves to put in the spotlight all the capacity of this new technology (new in Apple, of course) and if on top of that, the managers are Hermanos Jonas, well better than better.

Through the social network Twitter, the artists have taken it upon themselves to alert all Apple Music subscribers by mentioning that their new album can be heard with lossless and spatial audio.

Apple’s spatial audio feature has proven popular, although there are a few glitches that can be had. Apple Music’s own spatial audio playlist leaves much to be desired, yes, at least for now and without detracting from the Jonas Brothers. However the revamped Happiness Begins need to be heard through super high end headphones and using a DAC. That’s something most of us can’t afford, lor what makes AirPods Max a great option for most people.

We assume that little by little these functions will improve and adapt to the needs of the average user. That at least we want to believe and we need to believe that it will be so.

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