Joule, SAP’s new business AI assistant

AI in the business field continues to expand with great force and at a frenetic pace. Faced with the successes achieved in this regard by Microsoft or Amazon, the German technology company SAP has decided to take a step forward and present its new AI assistant for business clients. Joulewhich is what it is called, will improve personal and professional results.

Joule will be integrated into all SAP cloud applications, so customers can easily access it through SAP applications and programs. This imitates the access method to Windows Copilot from Microsoft, available throughout the Windows 11 operating system.

This fact assumes that Joule is available for almost 300 million corporate users worldwide, to whom it will provide proactive and contextualized information from its own portfolio and from third-party sources. All information will remain classified and contextualized to make it easier for workers to obtain more useful and efficient information in a more agile way.

How does it work?

Joule represents a combination of underlying technology from different vendors to drive interactions and business processes. With LLM from Trusted Third Party Partnersincluding IBM, you will get a good real-time database.

Your presence will be in all SAP applicationsfrom human resources to finance, including supply chains, purchasing, customer experiences and SAP Business Technology Platform. Employees will ask this AI tool specific questions in natural language and will receive smart answersbased on business data, text, images and other additional sources.

Joule will be able to answer questions in multiple languages and suggest solutions based on SAP and third-party data. The AI ​​model that is built is secure, private and susceptible to complaints. It also acts as filter layer to any user message. This prevents Joule from offering harmful, biased or sexist responses.

Julia White, head of Marketing and Solutions and member of the SAP Board, ensures that the significant adoption of generative AI brings real value to customers and the business fabric. By working within the applications that you use daily, the task will be simpler and more proactive.

In this way, a manufacturer could identify in which regions there is lower performance, combining data and applying the necessary measures to counteract the situation. In the HR department, Joule could help executives write job descriptions and generate interview questions.

Joule will be available From November in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Start, while from the beginning of 2024 We will also see it operational in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition. From that precise moment it will begin to be enabled and operational in other company applications.

The result of a long road

Thomas Sauressighead of Product Engineering and member of the SAP Board, assures that this release will transform the way in which we interact with the software, democratizing access to AI solutions and improving productivity while gaining speed in business processes in a critical security framework.

However, SAP has been marking itself for some time a strategy aimed at building an enterprise AI ecosystem in which SAP’s Business AI takes center stage. Included here are the investments announced in July at Aleph Alpha, Anthropic and Cohere, as well as alliances with Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft. All this with a backing of more than 1,000 million dollars in the venture capital company Sapphire Ventures destined to finance AI-based business technology startups.

SAP does not set limits, especially in a context in which Amazon recently announced a $4 billion investment in Anthropic and that he was going to acquire an important part of the company. In this way, the investments previously made by SAP and Google were left behind.

SAP’s goal is also finance new companies focused exclusively on AI as a concept, thus demonstrating its present and future commitment to an expansive enterprise AI ecosystem.

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