Beyond Meat’s fake chicken is coming to KFC

The fast food chain will be offering Beyond Meat chicken-free fried chicken from Monday. All for a limited time.

In the United States, vegan meat makes consumers salivate. Following the announcement in October of a partnership with giant McDonald’s, Beyond Meat will soon be returning to KFC.

the January 10th, and for a limited time, the fast food chain specializing in fried chicken will offer vegetarian nuggets, according to an exclusive recipe created by Beyond Meat in 2019 during a first collaboration, and soberly named Beyond Fried Chicken. Prices will start at $ 7 indicates the brand, but you will probably have to get up early to hope to take advantage. During the chain’s first collaboration with Beyond Meat at an Atlanta restaurant, stocks were used up in just five hours.

An initiative that is not an isolated event. In recent years, and especially in the United States, vegetable meat has been very popular, to the point that all the fast food chains are doing it. Among the restaurant giants alone, we can mention the McPlant from McDonald’s, the sandwich from Starbucks and the Impossible Whopper from Burger King. It should be remembered, however, that if the Beyond Fried Chicken has a 100% vegan composition, they will not be suitable for everyone. In 2019, KFC already explained that its nuggets and vegan tenders were fried in the same oil bath as that used to brown its classic fried chicken.

If you live in France, unfortunately it will be impossible to find plant-based chicken at your favorite KFC. A bit of patience, the initiative could quickly cross American borders. In the meantime, Beyond Meat products remain accessible via their official store, and at certain specialist resellers. Among the competition, it is also possible to discover the Impossible Food and Planted brands, which also offer plant substitutes for animal meat.

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