Kingston FURY Beast DDR5, performance up to 5200 MHz

With the arrival of the new 12th generation Intel Core processors and Z690 motherboards, a new season opens for the new generation of components, an opportunity that Kingston has not been slow to seize with the launch of your new FURY Beast DDR5 memories, being one of the first brands to incorporate the new memory standard for the consumer audience, bringing us the advances in performance and data integrity of the new RAM.

Specifications Kingston FURY Beast DDR5

Capacity 16GB Single or 32GB Dual Kit
Interface DDR5
Base frequency 4800MHz, 5200MHz
CAS latencies CL38, CL40
Base voltage 1V, 1.25V
Compatibility Intel and AMD Platforms – XMP 2.0 Support
Temperatures 0 to 85 degree operation
Heatsink Aluminum
Form factor UDIMM
Dimensions 135mm x 34.9mm x 6.62mm
Warranty Forever

We are excited that DDR5 is finally here and that our offering is from the Kingston FURY line; ready for gamers and enthusiasts alike“, said Iwona Zalewska, DRAM Business Manager, Kingston EMEA. “We are proud that users can build with confidence knowing that Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 has been tested and approved by MSI, ASUS, ASRock and Gigabyte, the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers.”.

And it is not for less, since these memories offer a great display of improved features such as the error correction code in the matrix (ECC) and internal (ODECC) to maintain improved stability at extreme speeds, dual 32-bit subchannels for increased efficiency, and a power management integrated circuit within the module (PMIC) to inject energy when it is most needed. Something that allows to make use of the Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 both for the next generation gaming platforms when playing at the highest settings, streaming live at 4K +, or boosting large animation and 3D rendering.

Thanks to notable advances in speed, with bank doubling from 16 to 32 and burst length from 8 to 16, DDR5 memory will take you to new levels in gaming and system applications. What’s more, uses Intel XMP 3.0, a new overclocking specification that includes two customizable profiles for speeds and timing.

Currently, the Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 is already available on the brand’s website, in individual 16GB modules and kits of 2, at speeds of 4800MHz and 5200MHz, with starting prices still to be confirmed, which will include the backing of uA limited lifetime warranty.

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