Km Zero incorporates 18 funds with a potential of 2,500 million euros

Km Zero has incorporated 18 investment funds that will provide potential more than 2,500 million eurosin the second edition of its open innovation and strategic investment program for foodtech startups.

A new step forward that consolidates Km Zero Venturing as the first Spanish corporate venturing program in the agri-food sector and one of the most cutting-edge initiatives in innovation and food technology in Europe.

The presentation of the investment funds took place during the Km Zero Venturing Demo Day & Open Call for Startups, in which the new companies that will join the initiative were also revealed, increasing the number of large corporations in the industry to nine food participants. So that, Mahou San Miguel, Makro, Incarlopsa and Summer Ice Creamhave been the latest firms to join Km Zero Venturing, joining Embutidos Martínez, Platos Tradicionales, Capsa Vida, Vicky Foods and Grupo Arancia.

As in the previous edition of the program, the corporations in coordination with the Km Zero Food Innovation Hub will be responsible for proposing the challenges aimed at the startups of the new call, with the aim of supporting entrepreneurship and co-developing projects to create a chain more resilient food

twelve challenges

Among the twelve challenges are the search for solutions in regenerative agriculture and soil healththe development of new proteins, the reduction of food waste, efficient water management, the creation of functional foods, new technologies for the food industry or innovation in market intelligence and marketing, among others.

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Finally, the ecosystem of innovation and support for entrepreneurship of Km Zero Venturing will be completed with the shared experience of collaborating entities. These organizations will lend participating startups a Advice for the development of your proposals and projects, covering the technological, legal, financial, commercial or talent management fields.

“With only one edition behind us, we can speak of a resounding success for Km Zero Venturing, both due to the evolution of startups at this time and the projects co-developed with companies, as well as the rapid growth of the foodtech ecosystem around to the program. The integration of new corporations and investment funds that will be able to complement the support for startups, consolidates this initiative as one of the main European programs in corporate venturing in food”, explains Raúl Martín, CEO of Km Zero Food Innovation Hub.

For her part, Beatriz Jacoste, director of Km Zero, highlighted the “Enormous adaptability that the food industry is having when adopting new models of open innovation, betting on triple impact solutions that, in addition to contributing to sustainable development, have a direct effect on improving efficiency and competitiveness. We want to be catalysts for the transformation towards a healthier, more sustainable and accessible sector for all”.

The celebration of Demo Day & Open Call for Startups closed the first edition of Km Zero Venturing, marking the opening of the next international call for foodtech startups, which It will remain open until May 28.. This call can be accessed through

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