Las Vegas: Woman dismembers the body of her deceased husband to continue collecting his pension

Nancy kay shedleski, 69 years old, dismembered her husband, Joseph Shedleski , and threw the body in the trash in 2015, so for four years he collected the pension.

The woman is accused of stealing government money, are around 121 thousand dollars, resources that he should not have received and which was discovered by a Anonymous complaint received by the authorities of Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2019, is indicated in the criminal complaint.

The complaint only identifies the man with the initials “JPS” (Joseph Shedleski), it is mentioned that he was in his seventies when he died.

In addition, the document indicates that Payments for Nancy in 2019 could have been $ 14,000 if she had reported the death, but the payments to her husband were $ 24,000 in that period.

When contacted by federal authorities, at first she stated that Joseph was taking a walk across the country, then I detail that her husband had died in the basement of their house in Clairton, a fact that she did not share with anyone.

Although he did not give details about what caused the death of his spouse (August 28, 2015). Agents detailed that Nancy Kay Shedleski, dismembered her husband’s body and threw it in the trash. Later, he pretended he was still alive and it was in 2017 that he moved to Las Vegas.

“Shedleski confirmed that there was no ambulance, no hospitalization, no funeral, no burial, no cremation,” the complaint describes. The woman collected the benefits from August 2015 to December 2019.

Following the anonymous report, the United States Social Security Administration investigated the case in June 2019 and discovered that Joseph had died in 2015 and Nancy was benefiting from the resources she received.

He received 2,000 a month since 2009. Agents tracked the man’s medical information and found that he received medical care in May 2015 for the last time, indicating that it was unusual for a man over 70 years of age not to receive medical attention. .


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