Lenovo wants to add AI to the intelligent transformation of industry and society

Lenovo has revealed, at its annual event on innovation Tech World in Austin (Texas) his strategy related to Artificial Intelligence, embodied in its vision “AI for all”. The company wants, with it, to promote intelligent transformation with AI not only of any sector of the industry, but also of society.

As part of the company’s vision, Lenovo has shared its approach to hybrid AI, which involves the belief that public, private and personal foundational models will coexist to enable the arrival of AI for all.

Lenovo, which has just announced the investment of 1 billion dollars in innovation related to Artificial Intelligence, points out that so that the data is secure and the privacy of users is safe, its AI, known as Lenovo AI, can work only on one device. Or safely, on local servers.

In both spaces, Lenovo AI learns from data provided by a particular user or through a company’s own data. Additionally, it ensures that no information is shared publicly, nor does it enter data sets used for training. This system is not only safer, but according to the company, the results you obtain can be more personalized and powerful.

In presenting the company’s vision, its CEO, Yuanqing Yanaccompanied by leaders from several of its main partners, shared its plans to bring advanced AI technology to organizations of all sizes, «through Lenovo’s pocket-to-cloud computing capabilities, with personalized, tailored insights into individuals and businesses, while protecting data privacy and security«. The manager has also made reference to the partners, pointing out that with the main leaders of the AI ​​era, they are using their power «to help develop a smarter, more inclusive and more sustainable world«.

The company is already working on the next generation of optimized and AI-ready infrastructure, and to bring powerful, scalable, personalized and energy-efficient Artificial Intelligence to its customers through a hybrid approach. In this sense, Yuanqing Yan and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang have announced an extension of their agreementwhich will result in the development of new hybrid solutions and collaboration to bring generative AI to all companies that want to adopt it.

Lenovo will offer fully integrated systems that take AI computing wherever data is created, from the edge to the cloud, helping businesses deploy customized generative AI applications. Additionally, Lenovo and Nvidia will create next-generation systems based on the MGX flexible modular reference design. It is designed to offer a wide range of secure and robust solutions for AI workloads. It will also collaborate in the implementation in companies, thanks to the Nvidia Omniverse platform, of cognitive decision elements at scale.

The presentation also showed Lenovo’s vision of the AI ​​PC of the future, as well as other AI devices and functions. The equipment would have AI interactions on the keyboard, and the possibility of communicating through natural language with its user.

A new conceptual function has been added to this, AI NOW, which consists of a personal twin solution with AI for this type of computers. The Intelligence it would carry uses public and private inference models based on a user’s own fund of knowledge, as well as adjusted models. On the other hand, it would protect the privacy of the end user and maintain the security of their data.

As part of its intelligent solutions, Lenovo has also shown its vision of the Enterprise AI Twin (twin with AI for enterprise). That is, applications that have deep knowledge about a company, and that keep said knowledge secure and private. It finds and extracts relevant information within the company in which it is used, and it does so from devices, as well as from its public and private clouds.

Once obtained, it synthesizes it into evaluations and conclusions, and with them, proposes solutions. The AI ​​Twin can be used in very diverse scenarios, from helping to manage employee travel plans so that they comply with company policies and individual preferences, to preventing problems in supply chains based on public information. with AI combined with enterprise AI.

Ken Wong, Vice President of Lenovo and President of its Solutions and Services Group, took advantage of the event to announce its offering of AI-powered services designed to help companies take advantage of this technology to improve business operations and improve digital experiences. Among these new features is AI Professional Services Practica. Developed in collaboration with Nvidia, it is a system that helps customers accelerate the implementation of AI in their companies, from concept to results.

It also showed the Care of One Platform, the first of its kind powered by AI to offer information and support to companies to implement the best possible work environment, as well as improve employee experience and productivity. As to Sustainability AI Enginehelps companies visualize the influence that business decisions made have on the company’s sustainability objectives, as well as choose the best options to improve them.

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