Like on mobile! Unlock Windows with your face with this half-price webcam

Whether it is for streaming, or if we telework at home, one of the peripherals that we will need to have connected to our computer is the webcam. This camera will allow other people to see us in video calls or online meetings, as well as listen to us when we speak. But the webcam does not have to be used only for that, but if we buy the right model, we can make it much more useful. Like, for example, power unlock windows automatically when we sit in front of the PC.

When choosing a webcam we must take into account several aspects. The first of them, and most important, the price that we want to spend. Nowadays, if we don’t care much about features, we can have webcams “to get by” for very little money. Then, if we want something with more quality, we can look for cameras from HD 720p to FullHD 1080p and up to 4K. Of course, in addition to giving higher quality and sharpness, they will be more expensive. And finally, the additional features we want: a good microphone, facial recognition, etc.

On this occasion, if we are looking for a high-quality camera, today we bring you a very tempting offer: an infrared webcam, with 1080P resolution and compatible with Windows 11 and Windows Hello that we can get at practically half the price.

Take advantage of the offer and get the webcam at a 48% discount

Although it is not a particularly well-known brand, it is one of the few that, below 100 euros, offers us this feature. The Kaysuda CA20 It is one of the best-selling cameras for make use of Windows Hello and being able to unlock the computer just by looking at it. Thanks to its IR camera, it is able to read our face and, in a second, have the computer unlocked to start using it, without using a PIN, a password, or anything. This infrared camera complies with Microsoft security standards, so it also has anti-phishing measures.

In addition, it has a sensor that allows you to capture the image at 1080P, and two omnidirectional microphones perfect both for talking to other people and for using, for example, Cortana.

Its normal price is 129.99 euros, but, for a limited time, we can get it on Amazon with a 38% discount, so it will stay at 79.99. But this does not end there, since the seller also offers us a discount coupon of an additional 10%, lowering the price even more by 8 euros and staying in just €71.99. In addition, it is shipped directly by Amazon, so in a day we will have it at home, and if we have problems we can return it without any impediment.

If you haven’t used this Windows security measure yet, wait no more. Once you start unlocking your computer with your face, just like on mobile, you won’t be able to live without this feature anymore.

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