LinkedIn adds generative AI to its ad creation tools

LinkedIn has announced a generative AI tool for your ad and campaign creation features advertising on the platform. Its mission will be to facilitate the creation of texts for campaigns and ads on LinkedIn through its automation. It’s called AI Copy Suggestions, and it’s a feature that allows users creating campaigns online to generate introductory text, as well as headlines, for ads.

The tool uses data from the platform to ensure the relevance of the texts it proposes. In addition, it gives users the option to make any changes they need, if they wish, in order to keep the tone and message of the suggested text in line with what you want to communicate.

The feature, which is starting to roll out, will be added to your campaign manager using OpenAI GPT models. The users of said manager will be able to activate or deactivate AI Copy Suggestions at will to use it or not in the ads they want to create and publish.

When this feature is turned on, as soon as a user starts creating content for their ad, they will see several suggested ad relevance options that they can select to add to their ads. To do this, the function uses information from the page of the brand or company that generates the advertising, controlled by whoever creates the ads.

It will also take into account campaign manager settings such as objective, criteria, and target audience. With all this, it will suggest various text input options as well as up to five headlines for the ad campaign.

Users will be able to accept a suggestion as such or edit it to align with your brand language and marketing strategy. LinkedIn shares a note in the workflow that makes that clear that whoever posts the ad is responsible for its content, even if it’s generated by AI.

LinkedIn is already testing AI Copy Suggestions in English with a small group of clients in North America. Over the next few months, the social network will expand the tool to more languages ​​and regions of the world. It is also planned to add new functions to it.

According to Abhishek Shrivastava, Vice President of Product at LinkedIn«AI Copy Suggestions can help unleash creativity, and reduce the time it takes to perform day-to-day operations, so you can focus on what matters: keep creating memorable campaigns and building your brand. We’ve been using AI for some time to help you reach the right audiences with the right message at the right time, accurately measure conversions, and train our bid models. How we add signals is also a key aspect of helping you connect with buyers, and we look forward to further investing in this area rolling out new features in the coming months to help increase efficiencies and boost the creative process.«.

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