Make no mistake! These mistakes you make will make them spy on your WhatsApp

You can apply the same to any other similar program that you use. However, being such a popular application is where the cybercriminals you can set your sights. They can find a way to access data, steal information and compromise the victim when they are careless and make a mistake.

Failures that affect security in WhatsApp

that they can control or spy on your WhatsApp it is a serious problem. They could access private conversations, impersonate your identity, access your contacts… This puts privacy at stake and it is essential to prevent it from happening.

Do not have the mobile blocked

A common mistake It is something as simple as not blocking the mobile. You can use an unlock pattern, a PIN, your fingerprint… Whatever you choose, it is important that you have something. If someone takes your mobile, either due to an oversight at work, with friends or even if you lose it, they could access your WhatsApp and spy on your conversations.

As soon as you have locked the phone, they could no longer access it normally. They could not read that you have spoken, nor see the contacts that you have added. It is something very simple, but at the same time super effective against possible spies who use your mobile in a physical way.

Have the device unprotected

Another failure is to leave the mobile without software protection. In this way, they could strain a malware without you noticing. This virus could be designed to spy on your WhatsApp conversations or any program you use to communicate on the Internet. There are many Trojans with this capability.

What should you do to protect the device? Something essential is to have a good antivirus. This allows you to detect the entry of malware that could compromise your security.

Ignore updates

It is also a good idea to have the equipment updated correctly, as this fixes vulnerabilities. Do you update WhatsApp and the operating system? It is essential not to make them obsolete. This can lead to unfixed bugs, which cybercriminals can exploit and spy on.

It is as simple as always making sure that you are using a device that has the latest versions installed. Do not make the mistake of leaving it without updating, even if you think that it does not contribute anything important.

Open questionable files or links

This is quite common in WhatsApp conversations. They send you a link, you don’t know exactly what it is but you open it. Then you come across a page that appears to be legitimate and download a file or even log in. That could be a trap Phishing attack In all rules.

With this, hackers can infect your mobile or steal your passwords. From then on, they could spy on you without you knowing. Therefore, it is key to be wary of any file or link that is sent to you, even if it is from someone you trust. It could be a trap.

Interact with unknown contacts

It may happen that suddenly you receive a message from a contact you don’t know. It tries to appear that it knows you, that it knows who you are, and asks you to give some information, click on a link, etc. In many cases, what they can seek is to gain trust through a supposed “confusion” and start talking.

Always be wary of these unknown contacts who start talking to you. Be careful, since in many cases it is nothing more than a trap, a strategy to steal your data or in some way compromise your security and spy on you through WhatsApp.

As you can see, there are different methods that can be used to spy on WhatsApp. It is essential that you do not make certain mistakes. The ideal is to maintain security, have the device protected, well updated and not fall into common traps.

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