Malwarebytes restructures and lays off a hundred employees

When only a year has passed since it laid off 14% of its workforce, the management of Malwarebytes has decided to lay off a hundred workers that he still had on staff. Not only that, but it is undergoing a restructuring that will end with the division of the cybersecurity company in two.

According to Techcrunch, the layoffs were announced just a few weeks after the departure from Malwarebytes of its product manager, its chief information officer, and its chief technology officer. Their positions have not been filled, and furthermore, they have been eliminated from the organization chart of the company. As it seems logical, the objective of these dismissals and elimination of positions is a reduction of expenses.

He Company CEO Marcin Kleczynskihas confirmed that the company is «profitable and healthy«, and that this week between 100 and 110 employees have been laid off. The departures have mostly affected employees in business-related positions throughout the world.

Kleczynski has also assured that, as part of the strategic reorganization that they are carrying out, they have eliminated several management positions, and that the layoffs are part of the decision to divide the company. Of course, he has denied that they are going to sell any of their divisions.

The step that Malwarebytes is going to take will separate its consumer division from the one dedicated to services and products for companies. The consumer business division will focus on tools related to identity protection and VPNs. Business will deal with service software and products for professional use, such as endpoint detection and management.

For now there are hardly any details about the process of dividing the company, since those responsible have not yet finished developing them. Therefore, it is not expected to be officially announced for several weeks.

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