Mammoth is the new macOS client for Mastodon

Mammoth for Mastodon

With the new updates coming for macOS but also for iOS, there is a new iMessages integration with Mastodon. That is why it is important to know, the first thing that this social network is, how to be able to be with it safely and then and above all, how to find the best way to operate in it. Mammoth wants to be the intuitive and easy client that makes your life easier inside Mastodon. Available for iOS and macOS.

The first. What is Mastodon?


Mastodon is a social network, but it’s not like the others we know. What most characterizes Mastodon, fundamentally It is that it is decentralized. Stay with this information because it is essential. We will talk about this decentralization that is what makes this social network unique. It also boasts of being free without censorship and that therefore you can talk about any subject in any of its rooms. That makes it very free but at the same time makes it dangerous.

You have to be careful where you get into because the topics may not go with your way of thinking or being and therefore you may feel hurt by what is expressed there. But remember, that being free, everyone can talk about what they want. Being decentralized, the rooms, we can call them that, open to the whim of their creators, There is no person in charge of all of this and there is no one to censor or restrict.

These rooms are actually subnets, which allow your messages to be read only by the members of those specific networks or by all those who make up the Mastodon total. Not being controlled by a single company or server, it works using a decentralized federation of servers, all of them running their free and open source which is published for everyone to see on his Github profile.

That there is no censorship, does not mean that there are no rules. Each community or instance creates its own rules, but on the website of the main instance we see some minimum standards of conduct to avoid sexist, racist, xenophobic messages, child pornography or excessive advertising. If you want you can join Mastodon. It’s not complicated. The first thing you have to decide is which community you want to participate in. To do this, if you enter this website, at the end of all you have a list of servers belonging to the network.

If you use a client for this social network, everything will be a little easier. That is why Mammoth was created, with the idea of ​​being a kind of intermediary between the gigantic network of Mastodon and your messages that you want to upload to the community.

The messages you write on Mastodon are called Toots. Each Toot can have 500 characters.

has three lines temporary:

  • On the one hand there is the timeline majorwhich shows messages from all the people you follow.
  • Then there’s the timeline localwhich shows the messages of the members of the instance in which you have registered.
  • The history federatedthat a kind of public timelines in which you can read the messages of the users of other instances.

When you go to toot, you can mention people with the symbol @ before the name as on Twitter, as well as using #Hastags. You also have a CW button to add a warning about the content you are going to publish in the event that it may be sensitive, a character counter, and two other buttons to add images at the bottom left or add emojis at the top right.

Once we know the basics of the social network, we are going to see how it can help us Mammoth.

How Mammoth works in Mastodon

Mammoth was created by Shihab Mehboob, the same developer behind Aviary, which is a third-party client for Twitter. So if you are one of those who have used Aviary with Twitter, handling Mammoth will be very familiar to you and it will be a breeze. One of the main features of Mammoth is su Multi-column based interface for iPad and Mac. Users can view their timeline, mentions, likes, private messages, bookmarks, and profile all on the same screen with just a swipe. Columns are customizable so you have quick access to all the information you need.

The app is designed to make the experience of using Mastodon on iPhone, iPad and Mac more intuitive. For example, the login screen displays popular Mastodon servers and helps users choose one of them when creating a new account. More than that, Mammoth it is fully customizable, from its icon to the color of the theme and how posts are displayed on the timeline.

It has more good features: It also allows us to quickly undo posts after posting, and supports GIFs, polls, picture-in-picture, and drag and drop. The app also includes support for Siri Shortcuts, Face ID or Touch ID lock, keyboard shortcuts, and sharing extensions. And of course, users can expect all the basic Mastodon features while using Mammoth, such as viewing the entire timeline in chronological order, checking notifications, viewing other users’ profiles, creating new posts with media, and customizing your own profile. .

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