Mariana Gramunt, the only Spanish entrepreneur in the Green Accelerator 2023 in Davos

Spain had a presence in the Green Accelerator 2023 of Davos. mariana gramuntCEO and co-founder of tneutral, attended along with Carlota Gramunt, CSO of the company, this exclusive side-event, framed in the annual celebration of the emblematic World Economic Forum that took place in the Swiss city from 16 to 20 January.

Mariana Gramunt was the only Spanish representative in the program of Green Accelerator participating in the panelGreen Unicorns, Scale-Ups & Startups”, along with other top-level entrepreneurs.

The event took place on Thursday, January 19, at the Hotel Europa in Davos from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and brought together innovative emerging companies in the environmental field with top-level investors, governments, academia, and leading experts in the fight against climate change. to accelerate the success of its climate solutions, thus supporting the transition towards a global green and regenerative economy as well as cultivating connectivity, cooperation and the United Nations SDGs to advance climate action.

Green Accelerator 2023 has an unmatched program. Speakers of first level took the floor in different panels that will revolve around three main themes: the regenerative economy, investment in startup and solutions climate tech.

2,500 world leaders

An appointment that was also held in a key edition of the Davos Forum, organized annually by the WEF (World Economic Forum), which brought together more than 2,500 world leaders from the highest level governments, companies and civil society at a crucial moment for the world where decision makers are being pushed to pursue transformative change in the face of today’s dire environmental situation. Under the motto “Cooperation in a fragmented world«, Davos 2023 is positioned as a key platform to promote solutions and address global challenges most pressing through public-private cooperation.

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In this context, the disruptive company T_Neutral has been invited to the exclusive meeting “Green Accelerator” since with its platform it addresses one of the main environmental problems of the fashion industry: textile waste. More is bought than ever and wasted more than ever: each European buys 26 kilos of clothes a year and throws away 11 kilos, placing waste at the center of the textile sector. The numbers speak for themselves, we discard 92 million tons of textiles per year and only 13% manages to be reused or recycled.

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