MCPRO Pills (CVI): Falls of Service, HPE and the Good Tech, Vodafone

Service interruptions are, to some extent, unavoidable. The problem, however, is more serious when it not only affects the clients of the company that is no longer able to offer that service, but also that of others that, without being involved in the problem, cannot serve their clients either. With what have been the worst service drops of the past 2021, we start this week’s MCPRO Pills.

The second main course of the last seven days comes in the form of an interview. In this case, the one we do to José María de la Torre, president and CEO of HPE Spain and who, together with Iñaki Ortega, has just published the book “Good technology”.

In terms of current technology, we tell you how Nvidia has finally given up all the ambitions it had for ARM or how Vodafone is looking for companies that want to merge with it in the main European markets. Let’s start!

The biggest service outages of 2021

We never get tired of saying it: the advantages of the cloud are enormous…until something goes wrong. And it is that for years service outages have ceased to be something that affects only one company, to affect its customers, whether they are final consumers, or other companies that, as a consequence, stop providing service to their own users. .

José María de la Torre (President and CEO of HPE Spain): “Good technology favors the economy, people and the planet”

José María de la Torre, president and CEO of Spain, and managing director of Southern Europe at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has written together with Iñaki Ortega, professor at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), the book «Good Technology: How Technology Can Accelerate Reconstruction and Contribute to the Greater Good»edited by Management 2000.

Taking advantage of the fact that José María de la Torre defends the virtues and potentialities of technological disruption and with the conviction that technology is good for society, for companies, for each person and also for the planet, we have spoken with him about the commitment that HPE has in this field.

Nvidia definitively abandons the purchase of ARM

After a couple of weeks of rumors, the abandonment of Nvidia’s attempt to buy ARM is now a fact. The news has been confirmed jointly by ARM’s parent company, SoftBank, and Nvidia, in a statement in which they allude to the “regulatory problems” that have hindered the operation as the reason for the end of the agreement that it had reached with Nvidia. .

Vodafone negotiates its merger with other operators in several European countries: Spain among them

Vodafone has confirmed that it is in negotiations in several European countries for a possible merger with other operators, a step that it has taken advantage of to ask European and national regulatory entities to have a more open mind regarding transactions of this type.

The company would thus bet on advancing in the consolidation of the market, an ambition that the different operators have been seeking for a long time.

Full speed ahead: the best of AI is yet to come

In the last week, two large studies have been published that assess the impact that AI is already having on companies and how that impact is not only going to grow but will skyrocket in the coming years.

Among the main conclusions they reach, that by 2030 the companies in the sector will be able to generate 14 billion dollars a year in income and the productivity of workers will have skyrocketed by 140%.

How to choose the best monitor for teleworking from home

One of the elements that the pandemic has shown to be essential in our “home office” is having a good monitor. And it is that after many hours of remote work, almost all professionals agree that having an external monitor (instead of spending eight hours a day absorbed in the screen of your laptop), not only improves your productivity, but also favors its ergonomics and helps them not to be so tired at the end of the day.

But what characteristics does a monitor with which we are going to telework above all have to have?

Keys to improve the Wi-Fi connection in hotels

One of the features that guests of any hotel value most is that it offers a quality Wi-Fi connection. Being able to connect to the hotel network is something that is taken for granted.

It may not add points in the review that we do after the establishment if the experience has been good, but it certainly subtracts a few if we have not been able to connect properly. We review what are the keys to offer the best experience.

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