Microsoft adds more features to Teams and Viva for public-facing workers

Microsoft going to add multiple functions to your Teams collaboration tool and your employee experience services Live, designed specifically for workers who perform their tasks in front of the public, also known as front-line workers, who according to those in Redmond are 80% of the workforce worldwide. Thus, employees of companies in the retail, manufacturing, hospitality and other sectors in which the work to be carried out involves dealing directly with customers will have more functions to make their work more agile.

Thus, the company will make available, through Teams, the creation and management of scheduled queues for virtual appointments. It will also add more integrations with Microsoft partner tools to its Viva learning app. Such as SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Saba Cloud. It will also improve the integration of Teams with Zebra Reflexis, an employee shift management application, and to deploy the app Teams Walkie Talkie on Multiple Zebra Technologies Laptops.

This app will now work with the Push To Talk button on Zebra ruggedized handheld devices used by more than a few public-facing workers to scan barcodes, check inventory or find prices for a customer. . It will also do so on hardened Samsung devices. It will also be available for iOS, and not only for Android devices as before.

From Microsoft they have also announced that their vertical package Cloud for Retail, Microsoft’s second vertical cloud package, will be available for everyone starting next February 1. Focused on bringing together dispersed data sources through a common data model, it will therefore allow all who need it to have its utilities and functions.

These include templates, programming interfaces, and various Artificial Intelligence functions. Cloud for Retail, announced in January 2021, combines services and functions from Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and the Power platform. In addition, it adds Microsoft Advertising, an advertising pack focused directly on retail customers.

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