Microsoft Edge begins to deploy Workspaces, its commitment to collaborative productivity

We usually say once a month that there are not two without three, and it usually refers to the launch of the most prominent Chromium derivatives, starting with Chrome and continuing with Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi… As you can see, there are not three, but some more, although it depends on the occasion if there is something to tell or not.

In this one that concerns us, everything derives from Chromium 114, a new version of the base web browser on which Chrome 114 and Brave 1.52 have already been uploaded… and now it’s time to Microsoft 114a very contained release, for what the Microsoft web browser has accustomed us to.

In fact, this is the shortest version in recent months, one that barely includes the base news from Chromium, including various fixes and optimizations, while applying some of the usual Microsoft Edge policy revisions. In general, nothing that interests the common user, since everything is tinkering under the hood.

With one exception, obviously: the beginning of the deployment of Workspaces, or workspacesa new browser feature for which Microsoft is betting heavily and, as well-known as the concept is, ambitious like no other, given that it is a feature with collaborative capabilities, so it goes beyond what the competition has done before.

Most likely, you already know or can imagine what Microsoft Edge Workspaces consist of, since we talked about them a few weeks ago and, more importantly, it is, as we say, a feature already present in other web browsers: Opera has had it for a long time, although it has evolved over time; and Vivaldi has it, who premiered it recently.

Getting to the point, Workspaces are basically groups of tabs, that is, the same as if you could save browser windows with their tabs -and stacks of tabs- to access them when you need it, thus helping to reduce clutter or improve organization, both mounts. Exposed like this it may sound trivial, but it is not that simple.

Microsoft explains it as “a way for users to organize their browsing tasks into dedicated windows,” allowing “sharing a set of browser tabs so workgroups can see the same websites and latest files in one place.” and stay on the same page. Each Edge workspace contains its own set of tabs and favoritesall created and selected by the user and his collaborators; […] they are automatically saved and kept up to date.”

In other words, the usual, but better a priori, and that is that to the ability to share Workspaces with other users is added the ability to synchronize between devices, something that the rest of the alternatives lack. The why is quickly understood: Workspaces is not just a browser feature, but a new service from Microsoft which will require being identified in the browser with a Microsoft account and the use of a specific page.

Thus, Edge Workspaces, Microsoft Edge workspaces or workspaces, depending on how they end up translating it, is currently in open beta, which can be accessed through this address, but only from Microsoft Edge . However, try it just to sniff, because professional users of the browser are already receiving the novelty without limitations. The rest will have to wait a bit, it is not known how long, but it should not be long.

What can be considered with this is… is Microsoft copying, but also improving, what other browsers do? Because it is what it seems.

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