Microsoft Hires Legendary Apple Chip Designer: Its Azure Server Chips Get Closer

Azure server chips designed by Microsoft they may be closer than it seems. At least it’s what it seems according to his last signing, which according to Bloomberg is a veteran in chip design With great experience who has also worked for ARM and Intel, as well as for Apple. Is about Mike filippo, that from now on will work on the design and development of chips for Microsoft Azure servers, an area in which the company is increasingly interested.

Very little is known about Microsoft’s azure chips at this time, but Redmond’s likely want processors that are more efficient as a result of tighter control of the chip-making process. In fact, Apple has already seen notable gains in its family of A and M chips, manufactured in-house and integrated into its iPhones, iPads, and newer Mac models.

Filippo had not been with Apple long, however, having joined the company in 2019 to work on the development of its M1 chip. He came to the company after ldevise the development of various ARM chips, where he worked for a decade, and for five years at Intel. Both companies are suppliers of Microsoft Azure server chips, so the hiring of Filippo is definitely bad news for them.

Both AWS and Google Cloud have invested in the manufacture and development of their own custom chips in recent times, for which they have hired numerous experts in order to increase efficiency in the catalog of hardware necessary to operate, and maintain , data centers. That is why it is more than likely that Microsoft wants to have more hand in the management and configuration of its data centers, while obtaining a price reduction to improve compared to its competition.

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