Microsoft improves the use of access keys in Windows 11 and moves towards a “future without passwords”

Microsoft is expanding passkey support in Windows 11 to make it more secure to sign in to websites and apps using biometric authentication systems like Windows Hello, which definitely need lighting. a future without passwords.

All providers are committed to it and users expect it. Microsoft has introduced new features in the latest development version Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23486 published in the Dev channel and that will be incorporated in future stable versions. “We are improving the access keys experience for Windows users. Now they can go to any app or website that supports them to create and sign in using passkeys with the native Windows Hello experience.”.

Access keys in Windows 11

Access keys provide a safer and more convenient alternative to passwordsas they allow you to use personal identification numbers (PINs) or biometric authentication such as fingerprints or facial recognition to log in to websites and applications.

Is about unique codes linked to specific devicessuch as computers, tablets or smartphones. The use of passwords significantly reduces the risk of data breaches, as they provide protection against phishing attacks by preventing theft and unauthorized access.

To use access keys in Windows you must go to enabled websites such as, create an access key by accessing from your account settings, sign out and sign in again with the newly created keys. In Windows 11, you will be able to manage the access keys with the help of a new management dialog included in Settings > Accounts > Access Keys. There you will see all the access keys saved on the Windows device and you can find and delete the ones you no longer use.

access keys in windows 11

To say that this type of authentication is going to be extended in the promised “future without passwords”. Google announced last month that it will roll out passkey support for Google accounts across all of its services and platforms to allow users to sign in to their accounts without entering a password or using two-step verification (2SV).

Last year Microsoft and Apple also confirmed their commitment to access keys, endorsing web authentication (WebAuthn) credentials, also known as FIDO credentials. It will be the standard approach for access accounts without requiring traditional passwords on the platforms controlled by the three tech giants.

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