Microsoft .NET 7 arrives with better performance and features for Linux

Microsoft has recently released its new version .NET 7, which is known as a framework with which it is possible to make all kinds of applications. This time, the developers focus on offering a better compatibility and improvements for Linux usersas well as useful new features.

As we mentioned, Microsoft is focused on providing better .NET support for Linux, as well as native ARM64 affinity. This is something that was expected from previous versions, where support for Linux developers was not very efficient. However, the version of Microsoft .NET 7 greatly improves productivityadjusting on multiple platforms.

That is how Linux developers will improve their execution times, making the most of their new qualities. It also allows for easier storage of .NET 7 projects, thus offering the opportunity to configure CI/CD workflows done on GitHub or using its native cloud storage option. Among other features we can find:

  • C#11/F#7
  • ASP
  • Web-Api
  • WinForms
  • WPF
  • Net Core

It should be noted that most of these improvements are due to contributions from the open source .NET community. They are the ones who shaped the new Microsoft .NET 7 update. Therefore, it is estimated that around 8,900 collaborators participated with more than 28k contributions throughout the development of .NET 7. That is why it offers many improvements and advantages to developers.

What’s New in Microsoft .NET 7

This is how the new cross-platform framework of the recent Microsoft .NET 7 update will allow you to create desktop and mobile apps. This using C# and XAML. It also incorporates performance improvements in terms of rendering and the introduction of mobile map control. But that’s not all, another of its most striking additions is the Windows Forms graphic library.

This is a component that improves accessibility and fixes problems related to screen readers. But the biggest novelty in Microsoft .NET 7 for Linux is the use of version 11 of C#, the company’s most prominent language. In addition, thanks to its optimizations aimed at Linux ARM64, It has a 45% higher performance than its previous .NET 6 version.

Microsoft .NET 7 Download

This is how the .NET 7 framework is now freely available for Windows, Linux and MacOS users. This version has a netcore update, as well as other compelling reasons to migrate from your current version of .NET. Now, if you download Microsoft .NET 7 you can use:

  • GitHub issue tracker
  • Solution to common problems
  • New improvements and changes
  • release notes
  • Linux packages
  • Installers and binaries
  • Bank of container images

Definitely, the best way to fully understand the benefits of Microsoft .NET 7 is testing its new version. If you want to know all its launch details you can do it from the official blog. On the other hand, to download this update is very simple and you can do it from the “Downloads” section located on the official Microsoft site.

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