Microsoft shelves Internet Explorer 11 and leaves Edge

Last year Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 11’s days were numbered, and that it would stop supporting it when a major update for Microsoft Edge was released. Said update, which would mark the end of this browser, was scheduled for February 14, 2023, that is, just for today.

The truth is that this plan was not the first that Microsoft had in mind. Initially, the Redmond company was considering stopping Internet Explorer 11 support through an update for Windows 10, but in the end it decided to change plans and decided to do it with an update to Microsoft Edge it was simpler, and it could help consumers in their transition.

Since then, the company has repeatedly reminded users of Internet Explorer 11 that they should prepare their transition to Microsoft Edge, and that the former would be unsupported as of February 14, 2023. Today is the day, and the update that marks the end of said browser It is already beginning to reach all userssince it is undergoing a general deployment.

Once the installation of that update occurs, it will no longer be possible to go back to the previous version. If we run Internet Explorer 11 we will receive a notice where you can read that “the future of Internet Explorer is Microsoft Edge”, and we will be redirected to Edge automatically. In this sense, Microsoft has been very clear:

If your organization is still dependent on IE11, you should take steps now to complete your transition by February 14, 2023. or risk large-scale business interruption when users lose access to IE11 dependent applications.”

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The transition to Microsoft Edge is not complicated at all, in fact the Redmond giant prepared for it a long time ago and even released in an update the IE Modewhich was intended to ease the transition to Edge and move all data from the old browser to this one.

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