Microsoft Teams will improve with artificial intelligence

The Redmond giant is working on a new Microsoft Teams update that will include a large number of new features, and among them one of the most interesting is the one that will enhance the integration of said application with Outlook. We already told you about it a few days ago, but today we must highlight a new function that It will greatly improve the Teams user experience.

That new feature uses artificial intelligence to offer Microsoft Teams chat users file recommendations. In this way, these users will be able to share files in a much faster and easier way, as long as artificial intelligence do your job well and those recommendations are really useful.

If the recommendations made by artificial intelligence are correct saving time What we could achieve with this new function would be remarkable, and it seems that it will be since the first information we have indicates that it will work in the same way as the suggested responses of the Microsoft Teams chat.

Artificial intelligence will enable Microsoft Teams to identify when we are in a conversation where it is clear from the context that We’re going to have to share files, and offer us appropriate recommendations. Of all those recommendations that it offers us, we will be able to choose those that fit what we are really looking for, and we will be able to send them with a simple click.

We will also have the possibility to ignore these recommendations if we do not find them useful, in the same way that we can skip the suggested answers. According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, this new feature It will arrive in February of next year. although we must bear in mind that there could be delays, and that it is not a definitive date. It is also likely that the company will opt for a gradual rollout of said function, and that it will not reach all users on the same date.

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