More than 70% of developers plan to obtain more AI-related skills

The software developers They are one of the groups that is best accepting the arrival and expansion of AI. Many have begun to use chatbots or development support systems powered by AI, and in fact, according to a study by Pluralsight, 74% of them plan to acquire skills related to AI-driven development.

The study, carried out among 3,000 developers from more than a dozen sectors involved in the transition towards AI-assisted software development, reveals how widespread the use of AI is among them, and reveals the tools powered by Intelligence Artificial they use. Among them is GitHub Copilot, and all of them have appeared over the past year. In addition, it investigates the evolving possibilities of AI-assisted development, focusing on the impact on developers, the opportunities and equality that may occur, as well as the risks to productivity, motivation and quality of work.

Of course, despite their adoption of AI, developers continue to worry about how the expansion of AI may affect them in relation to their jobs. 45% of them are threatened by it, and are worried that their current skills will become obsolete as they adapt to writing AI-assisted code.

Even though nearly three-quarters of developers interviewed for the report indicate plans to acquire more AI-related skills, equity and opportunity gaps remain. There are group differences in developers’ experiences with AI-assisted coding, and equity gaps have been shown to have a notable impact on minority developers.

Thus, both women and members of the LGTBIQ+ community show less interest in improving their AI skills, while developers who belong to racial minorities have a greater inclination to do so. Furthermore, 56% of them have a negative perception of AI, while only 28% of the rest of the developers do as well.

These and other differences indicate that it is very important for companies and entities to ensure that the adoption of AI-assisted coding is accessible and equal. Developing a culture of belonging and learning can help developers and their teams reduce the culture of competition, boost productivity, and strengthen resilience as they transition to AI-assisted development.

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