Exemptions from applying TicketBAI in the province of Guipúzcoa

As we read in Diario Vasco, the Guipúzcoa Provincial Council has approved a new legal text with certain changes regarding the application of TicketBAI in the province. Thus, the main novelty established is that Gipuzkoan taxpayers Over 60 years of age are exempt from adhering to this tax program.

However, there are certain exceptions to this rule and they are as follows:

  • Self-employed or entrepreneurs with employees.
  • Membership in professions that require membership (doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc).

This news responds to complaints from professionals that they were close to retirement and did not see it logical to have to make an investment in their businesses, at that time. In addition, we must add the difficulty of certain groups with digitization and Adaptation to new technologies.

It should also be remembered that Guipúzcoa has delayed the entry into force of the mandatory TicketBAI period, which will now be in mid-2022 and in a staggered manner. On July 1, all tax management in the province must already be adapted, while the rest of professional activities are allowed until September 1. On the other hand, the hospitality, lodging and retail sectors have until November 1. The rest of the industry (manufacturing, transport, telco, etc.) will be able to do so in 2023.

First of all, the presentation of tickets and invoices must be in real time, right at the moment in which the sale takes place. This implies that both companies and freelancers must be much more rigorous in controlling their accounts and cannot leave any document until the end to have everything in order. Immediacy plays a determining role in this regard.

Second, this province has been the earliest time to start the voluntary period of the new tax system, since it has been active since January 2021. And third and last, it must be taken into account that the details of the invoices must be included in the TicketBAI file, with each and every one of the lines.

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