Netflix has a special section for Oscar movies: access it here

Netflix’s list of secret categories continues to grow and has recently added a new section that you should keep handy. It’s about the Oscar movie collection of this 2023, with which the streaming platform shows off its chest in passing and boasts of all the titles that have received nominations for this year’s edition. Would you like to access it? We explain how.

The famous hidden codes of Netflix

As you already know if you have been reading us for a long time, in The output We have a long article (which we always keep updated) in which we detail all the hidden codes that Netflix has. In case the concept catches you new, you should know that the streaming platform has many more categories than those shown in the main interface that can be accessed if you know how to do it, of course.

In any case, its procedure is very simple and involves writing a url with the exact code in the web bar of your browser that will take you to a section of movies or series that would otherwise have been impossible for you to find by scrolling through its catalogue.


From Australian cinema to fantasy anime, going through scary youth series -yes, as you are reading-, there are categories of almost anything that you can imagine, so it is not surprising that the red N has taken a new one out of its sleeve that is great in timing. These are films with some nomination for the next Oscar 2023.

Netflix Oscar Awards 2023 Collection

A few weeks ago we finally met the movies and documentaries that are competing for an award at the 2023 Oscars. As has been the case for a few years, streaming platforms have titles that have managed to sneak in among the nominees and Netflix is ​​willing to boast of it.

For this purpose, it has created the category “Netflix Oscar Awards Collection 2023” and in it you can find the 8 films that are eligible for the award (plus a special of one of them):

  • Daggers in the Back – The Glass Onion Mystery: second installment of this nice film about an unsolved mystery that has been nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.
  • No news on the frontand: 9 nominations for this film, including Best International Film.
  • pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro: Del Toro’s beautifully animated story of Pinocchio has been recognized with a nomination for Best Animated Feature.
  • our baby elephant: can take the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film.
  • the sea monster: Rivals Pinocchio in the Animated Film category.
  • Bard: False Chronicle: Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film could win the Best Cinematography award.
  • Blonde: It is curious because Marilyn’s controversial biography aspires to 8 Razzies -which award the worst of the year- and the Oscar for Best Actress for a wonderful Ana de Armas.
  • The Martha Mitchell Effect: It is also aimed at being able to win the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film.

To access this very special section, all you have to do is write in the URL bar of your browser (the category code is therefore 81670759), with which you can directly access all the listed titles.

Don’t forget the popcorn!

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