Newskill Anuki Lite: not everything will be playing

Although when talking about Newskill headphones, large models for gaming come to mind, these Newskill Anuki Lite, which are added to the Newskill Anuki that we already tested a few months ago, remind us that Gaming proposals do not always have to adapt to the concepts design that we usually associate with them. Something that, in addition, facilitates their use as general-purpose devices in any type of environment.

And it is that, although the Newskill Anuki Lite They have been designed with the performance expected from a gaming headset in mindSurely when you see their image you have thought that you could also use them to walk down the street, to practice sports and for many other activities in which, due to their large size, perhaps other options are not so recommended. And that is precisely the intention of Newskill with these Anuki Lite, as with the Newskill Anuki, is to provide a general purpose headset.

For this purpose we talk about small and very light headphones (just over a hundred grams), wireless with connection bluetooth 5.0, and that have functions of touch gesture control, so you can manage the sound reproduction, increase the volume, answer and hang up calls, etc., directly from the headphones, which makes the Anuki Lite a very good option when we want a control system that allows us to maintain the attention to other things, such as when we are walking.

To guarantee autonomy, the Anuki Lite offer a autonomy of up to 4 hours per full charge, and they recharge in about an hour. And thanks to its smart case, which also informs you about the state of charge, you can carry out up to four refills. In this way, with the headphones and the case fully charged, you can count on up to 20 hours of autonomy before having to recharge the headphones and case.

Regarding their resistance, something key if you are going to use them to practice sports activities, the Newskill Anuki Lite have IPX4 certification, so you can use them both if you go for a run, as well as on rainy days in which part of it can reach the headphones, which will also continue to respond perfectly to the gesture control functions, avoiding you having to use your smartphone or the device to which you have them connected for this purpose.

Newskill Anuki Lite headphones are now available in pre-purchase on the company’s website, and soon you will also be able to find them on Amazon and in PcComponentes. Its price is 24.95 euros.

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