Nintendo Switch: it is now possible to store your games in folders

Nintendo has introduced an interesting novelty in the last update dedicated to the Switch: the possibility of storing your games by folders. A feature that arrives almost five years after the release of the console.

On Switch, it is now possible classify their games into groups. The latest console update does indeed allow this to be done. But do not dream: the home screen will not display the folders as is the case on iOS or Android, for example.

Update 14.0 can be downloaded now. If it is not already done automatically, a tour in the options (then in Console at the bottom) is essential. Once the update is installed, groups will be available.

The Switch allows you to classify your games according to your desires

To take advantage of the groups, there are two conditions to be met. Install the 14.0 update on his console, obviously, but also have twelve or more games on it. In this case, on the home screen, you have to go all the way to the right and select the “all software” tab.

Once done, you press L and you will be able to create groups. Everything just works. Just select which title you want to categorize and then rename the group. You can even rearrange them. Everything is explained at the first manipulation Anyway.

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However, it should be noted that these groups will only appear in this tab. Indeed, the games will remain displayed linearly on the home screen. Pity. Maybe in a future update…

The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 and had two versions: the Switch Lite and the Switch OLED. A real success for the Japanese firm, since the machine surpassed sales of the Wii, its best-selling home console until then. It has earned him more than 60 billion dollars since its release. The Kyoto firm does not intend to kill the goose with the golden eggs, since it indicated that the Switch was only halfway through its life cycle. We can therefore expect many more updates to improve the user experience in the future.

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