Onalabs opens an investment channel of 1 million euros in Capital Cell

Onalabs Inno-Hub, the biotechnology startup specialized in medical and sports monitoring devices, opens up to the entry of capital with an investment line of one million euros in the Capital Cell platform. With this, they will give a definitive boost to the development and commercialization of the HAD10 and L10 devices designed for the monitoring of chronic patients and athletes, respectively.

With the aim of advancing in the development of new products and their commercialization, Onalabs has started an investment round of one million euros in the platform Capital Cell, of which 300,000 euros are already committed through Onalabs Investment.

Currently, the company focuses its activity on the development of three digital devices based on sensorial bioengineering that make the skin of patients a data platform that they monitor to extract information and provide better care.

These three devices with the HAD10, L10 and Diabetes. The first two are in their final validation phase in prestigious centers such as the Germans Trias and Pujol Hospital, in the case of HAD10, and the CAR (High Performance Center) of Sant Cugat del Vallès and the INEFC (National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia), in the case of L10.

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For its part, the Diabetes device is still in the laboratory phase.

Boosting the growth of Onalabs

With this movement of Onalabs, with a pre-money valuation of 5.6 million euros, it seeks to attract investment from the sector to continue promoting the development of these devices, something in which they have confidence since, so far, the startup it has raised 1.2 million euros of competitive funds.

The strong growth of the company in recent months invites optimism when it comes to obtaining the necessary financing to put these developments on the market.

A) Yes, the HAD10 allows remote monitoring of the vital signs of complex chronic patients who have home hospitalization, while the L10 It is designed to know the performance and physical condition of athletes by monitoring the level of lactate in sweat.

According to the company itself, these are two wearable devices that act as micro-laboratories capable of translating the language of biochemistry in quality data with non-invasive patches that provide information continuously and in real time on different physical parameters.

These data provided include temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, among others, as well as biochemical data such as glucose and lactate levels, which contribute to the increase in the contractile capacity of the muscle cell. allowing the prolongation of the working time above a critical level and the rapid establishment of a level of oxygen consumption more suitable for the power demand.

Thanks to the technology that these patches incorporate, the devices send all this data to healthcare professionals for your assessment. Likewise, they also allow the creation of alerts that warn of any change in the parameters that fall within the normality of the individual’s state.

With all this, healthcare professionals can intervene immediately in the event of any incident, in addition to facilitating their work of prevention or prediction of certain diseases by having so much information about the patient at their disposal in real time.

Without a doubt, innovative devices that are driving the growth of the company, especially in recent months. This has led the startup to undertake changes in its internal structure with the appointment of Elisabet Del Valle, co-founder together with Xavi Muñoz, scientific advisor of the company, to assume the role of CEO of Onalabs replacing Josep Cardona, who becomes be Director of the company’s national and international expansion plan.

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